GOPAS partner of conference Agile Prague 2013

This year we are going to introduce over 30 speakers from all around the world. The conference is running in two paralel tracks in two days, where you can choose from the variety of talks for managers, scrum masters, product owners and try agile practices in practical workshops for testers and developers, share the knowhow, discuss in openspace.
You can experience agile and scrum approach in practical games, have fun building from lego, or become a worker of airplane factory.
The program is not only about talks, workshops and games, we are going to present several practical case-studies on agile adoption in a couple of mostly Czech companies.

More information you will find on where you can also register. All registered for the conference with indicating the password "GOPAS" get 10% discount on admission.
Agile methods for project management and Scrum method
It is no coincidence that agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular. Proof of this is the number of companies that will make them pass. Agile methods and "Lean" approach has become an integral part of management methodologies and software companies. Therefore, we invite you to practical courses in IT training center Gopas.

More info to courses you will find:
Agile Methods and Scrum Process I
Agile Methods and Scrum Process II

The course leads the most competent, our lecturer Zuzana Šochová.