**PRINCE2® package incl. certifications for PM

Five days full of information on PRINCE2® methodology including certification exams are prepared for project managers, team leaders and project coordinators. Project management represents the core topic of the entire course. Course participants will become certified experts in this field when they pass PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner certification exams successfully.

In the course PRINCE2® Foundation + Practitioner + Exam you will learn how to:
Identify factors that undermine successful project implementation
Apply the guiding principles, themes, processes and PRINCE2® methodology technique
Utilize key management PRINCE2® methodology tools
Use complete PRINCE2® terminology
Apply PRINCE2® process model used for management of project life-cycle
Apply technique of PRINCE2® product-oriented planning

Experts HINT
Attend course package PRINCE2FPT and save 5 500 CZK which you would have otherwise invested extra in case you would have attended individual courses PRINCE2FT and PRINCE2PT with certification exams separately.

Please check the expiration date of your PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate. Do not forget to re-certify with us on time!