Guarantees, which provides only GOPAS

Do you know and do you use the GOPAS guarantees? Do you hesitate to answer? You've never heard about services guarantees we provide? Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services and guarantees, which our customers can use, are perceived by those who use them as a great benefit.

Guarantee of the maximum possible use of the funds invested in education, providing high comfort and efficiency in acquiring new knowledge and skills – you can find all of that only in GOPAS. See for yourself and meet our unique guarantee offer!

Course date guarantee
GOPAS, as the first training center in the Czech Republic, has presented the Course date guarantee into the market. This guarantee gives our customers the assurance that courses, which they are signed for, will take place at set dates. Your work schedule will no longer be disrupted by course rescheduling or canceling due to the insufficient number of participants. When you sign for a Gopas course with the date guarantee you can be absolutely sure it will be carried out.

How do I know which course has the date guarantee?
All courses that you can find at indicated with garance, as guaranteed, will really take place in the set dates. You can find more information about guarantee here.

Acquired knowledge guarantee
A definite advantage the participants have in our courses is the opportunity to visit the training again completely for free as a part of Guarantee of acquired knowledge. All those who took one or our standard open courses, carried out in the premises of the IT school GOPAS, can use this advantage. You can find more detailed conditions of the application for the acquired knowledge guarantee here.

Know-how guarantee
It happens from time to time that one of your employees, who passed a Gopas course, terminates the employment relationship with you. At this moment, you lose the investment in his education and along with him you lose the acquired know-how as well. With us you can be sure that the funds spent on education through the IT school GOPAS will return to you. If you deliver a copy of his notice of employment termination along with the certificates from courses he took in Gopas during the last 12 months, we let your new employee, who replaces the leaving one on his position, to take the same courses for free. You can find more information about the use and application conditions at Know-how guarantee.