Gopas Telepresence Training (GTT)

This education system has been conceived by our lecturers based on their ample experience in the field and developed in cooperation with the leading suppliers of telepresence technology.

The training takes place in specifically designed parallel classrooms. One of the classrooms hosts a standard lecture led by a lecturer and attended by several training participants. The other, telepresence classroom, which is mutually interconnected with the first classroom via Cisco videoconference technology featuring two-way transmission of video and sound in state-of-the-art quality, hosts a further number of participants. The lecturer and the participants in both classrooms are free to use mutually interconnected smart boards; besides, the lecturer is also able to access and control all computers of all students in both classrooms.

This results in the kind of education process, which in terms of interactivity and quality does not differ in any way from lectures in single classrooms. The students in both classrooms can count on the same standard of services provided (e.g. pre-configured computers, study materials, technical support, client support, refreshments, etc.).

This unique technology helps GOPAS stand out among all education institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It allows us to organise rarely demanded and/or special training courses in any branch office of our IT Training Centre and meet specific expectations of our customers who, as a bonus, do not even need to travel to attend the course. The maximum number of participants in both classrooms combined is the same as for standard training courses, i.e. 12 students.