GOPAS has become IREB Training Provider

The key to a successful accomplishment of your software projects, and not only them, is to understand properly the customer‘s needs and expectations. GOPAS comes with the solution – the IREB training will help you to incorporate some new methods and processes of customer requirements elicitation and management into your projects.

In the year 2013 IT training GOPAS has become the first and exclusive IREB Training Provider in the Czech Republic. These trainings will prepare the attendees for internationally recognized certified examination CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering). In the area of delivering exams has GOPAS become the partner of Certible, a certification body for "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE), operating across Europe.
The training Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (IREB100) is the first training in GOPAS Requirements Engineering course offer. The course is intended most of all for business analysts, system analysts, project managers, quality managers and all others who are involved in the requirements definition and engineering. This training is suited to prepare the participants for the CPRE-FL (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level) exam, which is included in the cost of the training.
Our certified instructors will teach you:
  • To understand various techniques of requirements elicitation
  • To reveal the most common reasons for ill-formulation of requirements
  • Requirements modeling by using relevant UML diagrams
  • The basic principles and techniques of requirements validation for unambiguity and comprehensibility
  • The relevant attributes of tools for requirements elicitation and management
The proctored certification exam CPRE-FL will be taken right after the training in writing on paper, in 75 minutes in English.
Get more information about the course content, certification exam, price and course terms at IREB100.