DevOps 2020 this year online!

DevOps Day 2020 conference will be held on October 13, 2020 in ONLINE form. Why to participate? Speakers from the Czech Republic and around the world will present new knowledge and approaches in the field of IT management. Half of lectures will be broadcast in English.

The programme will be divided into two streams. On the first stream you will be able to watch lectures focused more on DevOps for business, on the second stream we will broadcast topics related to technical DevOps for practical use.

DevOps - full throttle business

  • Get the product to market before the competition
  • Ability to respond quickly to customer needs and changes in market conditions
  • Inovations and new approaches
These are just some conditions of many to survive in today´s fast-paced world.
In order to minimize the time from the first idea to the actual sale (time-to-market) and so that IT is not a brake, it is necessary to remove all obstacles on the way. And that's exactly what DevOps is all about. Let's take a look at what the road looks like, what obstacles we may encounter and how they can be solved.


English lectures
  • „Don’t make success a negative“: Error-based vs. Success-based metrics and cultural perspective | Luca Ingianni
  • How to get management support for DevOps Transformation | Dimitri de Ruiter
  • Application performance monitoring perspective | Paul Mateo
  • DevOps Teams in hierarchical organization: revolution or evolution | Alexey Leyman
Czech lectures
  • Security v DevOps | Vladimír Kufner
  • Konfigurace jako kód: řízení konfigurace v cloud | Tomáš Honzák
  • Klíčové role, aneb kdo to všechno zajistí | Martin Vitouš
  • Gloss and misery of automated testing | Lucie Nová 
  • Keynote „Byznys potřebuje rychlost a rychlost je DevOps“ | Martin Vitouš 
  • Pipeline postavená na produktech GITu | Ondřej Šika
  • Od Kubernetes ke standardizaci, automatizaci a vlastnímu AutoDevops nástroji| Tomáš Filip

Registration for 1490 CZK without VAT
We will send your login details to the mail which you used for registration the day before the conference. You will gain access to our customized application for the next seven days after the conference. (until October 20, 2020). You will have access to the archive with lectures.