Regarding to resumption of testing and certifications, necessary health protection measures have been taken.

Please, respect all regulation mentioned below:
- participant of testing is obliged to wear mask during whole time of testing. This measure protects his own health as well as health of others. Based on policies of providers, it is necessary to wear mask (chirurgical or cotton one), not scarf or shawl.
- please note, that test administrator measures body temperature of each candidate with non-contact medical thermometer right before the testing. In case of higher temperature (more than 37° Celsius) or any signs of health problems, candidates will be rejected and the access to testing room will be prohibited. Exam will be automatically rescheduled to other term.
- all candidates receive hygienic latex gloves. Exchange for a new pair is possible whenever.
- due to specific construction of building, it is not possible to open windows for regular air ventilation, however automatic air condition is constantly turned on.  Please note, that due to size of our testing room, we cannot always provide a distance of two meters between participants.
If you do not want to take your test under these conditions or if you do not consider them convenient, please reschedule to more distant term. Some of exams are offered in online form from home, please check all the subsequent options with your provider (Microsoft/PMI etc.)
All possible testing days are visible on websites of concreate platforms.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact our client service (+ 420 234 064 100) or info@gopas.cz