...Special offer 5+1 for companies

Get for your employees required Microsoft certifications at advantageous prices in the new attractive special offer 5+1 for companies. Order 5 Microsoft certifications and we will give you 1 FREE as a gift!

We are all the time increasing the capacity of testing rooms and so we are able to reduce the time from the order to siting the exam. Except for just running special offer “Take 5-day MOC course and get any certification exam free,” we are also prepared something for the companies which want to get for their employees the certification Microsoft at more advantageous prices. If also you want to be perceived as a company with the guarantee of high proficiency and expertise of your IT employees, do not hesitate and apply for this special offer!

How to get the free certification exam?

Order 5 Microsoft certifications and we will give you 1 more FREE as a gift! Instead of 6 certification exams you will pay just for 5! This special offer is valid for Prague and Brno branches of Computer school Gopas.

This special offer for taking the exams is time limited from 1.1.2016 to 17.5.2016.