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SABSA vs. TOGAF framework

The basic objective of enterprise architecture is to enable business optimization based on the current findings on the operation of your business. However, you can not do business if you understand that the business itself is also about managing risks at reasonable and available opportunities. To manage this process successfully you need a systematic, reliable and robust way to integrate the management of risks and opportunities into your architecture.¨Participants will learn how to successfully combine proven concepts and techniques from the scope of the SABSA news inside TOGAF framework. Business then ensure creating Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) designed to manage risk and acquisition opportunities.

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2/17/2020 4 44 900 CZK - Český jazyk Praha - Anywhere

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Praha4 44 900 CZK - 0

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Who is the course for

Security Architects, Security Officers, Auditors ISMS, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects

What we teach you

  • Understanding how SABSA use TOGAF to deliver more robust and secure ESA
  • Explanation of the risks and opportunities as absolutely fundamental business factors
  • Description of the underlying motivations and origins SABSA framework
  • Sample key integration points between the SABSA and the TOGAF ADM in perspective and Content Metamodel
  • Applications of SABSA Business Attribute Profiling techniques in the management of architectural requirements
  • Delivery of better integration of trade and technology using the SABSA Business Profile Attribute technology
  • Applications of SABSA Business Attributes as help create a proactive basis for the functioning of trade and enterprise
  • Understanding how the analysis of risks and opportunities helps create safer Architecture
  • SABSA application of basic concepts and techniques of developing security architecture

Required skills

pass the exam TOGAF 9.1 Foundation L1
orientation in the field ISMS ISO 2700x or methodologies advantage
English language knowledge (training materials in English)

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Guide book for this course in english language.

Course outline

  • Enterprise Architecture - the basis for successful business
  • Understanding the impacts or operational risks to successful business
  • Introducing the SABSA framework
  • Use the key methods SABSA - Business Profile Attributes
  • Consistency and continuity SABSA and TOGAF frameworks
  • SABSA integration concepts, activities and artifacts in TOGAF ADM


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