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Integration in practise

With increasing demands on the automation of business activities and development of new products is increasing the importance of integrating applications data and enterprises among themselves. To make this integration does not increase disproportionately complexity of the whole environment, it is necessary to manage it and to act in accordance with proven methods. Integration procedures are explained in specific cases used in practice. Each example is detailed commented indicating use in different types of businesses. Training in detail focuesd on various techniques of application integration with emphasis on correct data integration.

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Who is the course for

  • IT architects
  • Application developers
  • Developers integration

What we teach you

  • present the principles and best ways of integrating data and applications with
  • concrete examples to explain the detailed data integration and applications and their variants

Required skills

basic knowledge in IT

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Anywhere guide book for this course.

Course outline

- definition of integration
- enterprise integration

Evolution integration
- development of Information Systems
- development and integration type

- service calls and messaging, queues
- link to service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Communication and integration patterns
- interaction between systems
- content transformation
- orchestration calls
- comprehensive exercise

Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
- use, function
- application adapters

Technological standards
- standards XML, WSDL, SOAP, JMS
- specifics of web services

Model driven integration
- the use of MDA and MDD integration
- case Study

Integration between businesses and the public administration
- integration of supply chains, integrating state agencies and their registers
- specifics of inter-company integration
- case Study
Security integration
- safety specifics integration

Database integration and file integration
- replication and data synchronization, ETL, CDC tools
- managed file transfer (MFT)
Organizational ensure integration
- integration teams, architecture, business
Case Study
- comprehensive case study

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