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Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 Administration

Understand the terminology, architecture and components that make up the Sybase Unwired Platform version 2.1. Understand the rules of the platform support. Perform an optimal installation of the platform, including clustering and installation/configuration of the Relay Server/RSOEs. Explain the basics of Sybase Unwired Platform application development, including the use of the developer's IDE, so that you can converse with developers and know which functions they have to perform and which the Administrator has to perform. Perform every-day Administrative tasks. For example: MBO deployment to a production environment, Mobile Workflow application deployment to a production environment, registration of MBS/Mobile Workflow application users, etc. Configure the platforms security mechanisms such as creating and configuring security configurations, configuring HTTPS and IIOPS listeners, creating users and groups in an underlying physical store (the course uses Active Directory), and mapping of logical to physical roles, etc. Understand the platform’s ongoing maintenance requirements. Utilize the platform’s Monitoring capabilities. Have an idea of where to look and what to change with regards to Performance and Tuning. Be aware of where to look and steps to take when troubleshooting application issues. Understand how DCNs are created and how they are used by the platform.

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System and Database Administration Professionals
Developers with Sybase Unwired Platform implementation and administrative responsibilities



MOB01 Mobility Fundamentals and Best Practices
SUP140 Mobility for Mobile Application Architects
Understanding of mobile networks and deployment methodologies


Minimal SQL language as well as application server experience helpful

Course based on software release

SUP 2.1


Introduction to Sybase Unwired Platform
Sybase Unwired Platform Environment Design and Architectures
Optimal Production Installation and options
Post Installation Tasks
Development Overview for Administrators
Sybase Control Center
MBO and Mobile Workflow Deployment and Configuration
Unwired Platform Domains
Security Administration
Data Change Notification (DCN) Use and Configuration
Performance Tuning


Learn how to perform the required activities a Sybase Unwired Platform administrator must undertake. You will become familiar with the architecture and the components that make up the Sybase Unwired Platform as well as learn what is supported from the development, device and back-end connectivity standpoints.
The installation of a real-world production environment will be discussed at length, including the use of clusters and the Relay Server. Much time will be given to help the Administrator understand what developers using this platform must do to create the different types of mobile applications. This is done because the administration many times requires tasks be accomplished by both parties, the developer and the administrator.
You will learn how to complete the typical every-day administrative tasks such as deployment of Mobile Business Object packages and Mobile Workflow applications to the Unwired Server, post deployment configuration, registration of application users, etc. Use of the Sybase Control Center will be a major part of this course. Also a large topic is the administration of various security mechanisms that are embedded into the platform. Security configurations, securing listeners/ports with encryption, creation of physical users and groups in an underlying store (such as Active Directory) and mapping of logical to physical roles are part of the security discussions. There are also modules dedicated to topics such as Monitoring, Domain Logging capabilities, Performance and Tuning and Troubleshooting.
This course only makes brief mention of using Afaria and the deployment of native mobile applications. Students who require complete device management training should attend the “Afaria System Administration” course.
This course will not discuss administration specific to Mobility Apps solutions such as Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite and Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM.
Format: Lecture: Lecture: 65% Labs: 35%

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