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ABAP Dictionary

Course availability as of December 2016. The course discusses the role of the ABAP Dictionary in the SAP system and its scope of functions.

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  • This course will prepare you to:
    • To discuss the role of the ABAP Dictionary in the SAP system and its scope of functions.


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Prerequisites

  • BC400
  • Recommended
  • None
  • Course based on software release

  • ECC6.0 EHP8 SP00/NW 7.5 SP01
  • Content

  • Introduction to the ABAP Dictionary
    • Describing the ABAP Dictionary
  • Data Types in the ABAP Dictionary
    • Creating Domains and Data Elements
    • Creating Flat Structures
    • Creating Table Types and Deep Structures
    • Creating Type Groups
  • Database Tables
    • Creating Transparent Tables
    • Defining Cluster Tables and Pooled Tables
  • Performance During Table Access
    • Creating Database Table Indexes
    • Setting Up Table Buffering
  • Input Checks
    • Creating Fixed Values
    • Defining Foreign Keys to Perform Input Checks
    • Creating Text Tables
  • Dictionary Object Dependencies
    • Differentiating Between Active and Inactive Dictionary Objects
    • Identifying Dependencies with ABAP Dictionary Objects
  • Table Changes
    • Performing a Table Conversion
    • Enhancing Tables Using Append Structures
  • Views and Maintenance Views
    • Creating Database Views
    • Creating Maintenance Views
    • Creating View Clusters
  • Search Helps
    • Creating Search Helps
    • Applying Advanced Search Help Techniques


  • Courseware available as flipbook in Learning Hub
  • Příručka SAP

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