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Automated web service testing

The course is intended for all programmers and testers who need to build automated web service tests (SOAP, REST, HTTP) on systems built on any platform or platform. programming language. The aim of the course is to create non-trivial web service tests and logic of ready-made applications.

 DateDurationCourse priceHandbook priceCourse languageLocation 
2/20/2020 2 9 200 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
5/11/2020 2 9 200 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
3/25/2020 2 320,00 EUR included in course price Slovenský jazyk GOPAS Bratislava

AffiliateDurationCatalogue priceHandbook priceITB
Praha2 9 200 CZK included in course price 20
Brno2 9 200 CZK included in course price 20
Bratislava2 320,00 EUR included in course price 20

What we teach you:

  • Import into the SoapUI API of the tested systems
  • Pre-generate and create queries for web services
  • Work in the graphical interface for preparation and collaboration on test scenarios
  • Integrate and work with test data from a variety of supported databases and data sources
  • Parameterize tests so that they do not depend on pre-prepared data
  • Simulate missing APIs of nearby systems, eg in the development environment
  • Create and set up stress tests
  • Work with Groovy scripts to complement tests for advanced programming logic
  • To include your automated SoapUI tests into the Continous Integration environment

Who the course is for:

  • The course is designed for all programmers and testers

Required skills:

  • The course assumes basic knowledge of principles of web services, XML, XPath, JSON
  • The course assumes basic programming experience in any language

Teaching methods:

  • Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials:

  • Powerpoint handouts and module printouts.

Course syllabus:

Introduction and basic concepts

  • Testing
  • Web services
  • Fundamentals of XML, XSD, WSDL
  • Fundamentals of JSON
  • Architecture and functionality of the tested application

SoapUI Environment

  • What SoapUI can do
  • Structure and Modularity of SoapUI Projects
  • Testing scenarios in SoapUI

Working with APIs of tested systems

  • Import WSDL
  • Import Swagger

Steps to the Testing Scenario:

  • SOAP
  • REST
  • HTTP
  • JDBC
  • Parameter transfer
  • Conditional jumps
  • Creating and calling a function
  • Groovy script
  • Waiting
  • Manual input
  • Assertions

Parameterization of SoapUI projects

  • Global and contextual parameters
  • Saving and using parameters across tests

API Simulation

  • Generating Mock service
  • Creating Answers
  • The answer picking logic
  • Response Parameterization

Stress tests

  • Generating a stress test
  • Stress test strategy
  • Evaluating results


  • What is Groove
  • Useful scripts
  • Using scripts in test scenarios

Continous Integration

  • Run tests from the command line
  • Running tests from maven
  • Integration with Jenkins

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