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Development of universal Windows Store applications for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1

The course is designed for .NET platform developers who want to familiarize yourselves with the development of universal Windows Store applications for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1, with an emphasis on the high part of the shared code between both platforms. You will familiarize yourselves with the architecture of this platform, basic elements of user interface and navigation, working with data and web services, multitasking, notifications and other techniques common for Windows Store applications. The emphasis will be placed on the quality design of the application architecture enabling the effective sharing of maximum codes between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 applications, including definition of the key differences between both platforms which are necessary to take into consideration. Take part in the course Development of Universal Windows Store applications for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 and get a personal licence for produckt ReSharper free.

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User intensity level

What we teach you

You will familiarize yourselves with a new kind of Windows Store applications, the architecture of this platform and the tools which are necessary for the application development
You will learn to design user interface of the applications for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
You will try the implementation of the application working with web services using MVVM design pattern for both platforms
You will understand various techniques for the effective code sharing
You will familiarize yourselves with the differences developing the applications for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 which need to be taken into consideration

Required skills

The knowledge of C# or VB.NET languages and Visual Studio environment required (the course is held in C# language)
Basic knowledge of XAML language

Teaching methods

Instuctor-led classroom training with practical examples, hands-on lab

Teaching materials

Printed study material

Course outline


1 Introduction to platform and the tools for application development

Familiarization with Windows Store applications
Introduction to platform and its architecture
Options of voting a programming language, advantages and disadvantages of particular options
Familiarization with the concept of universal applications, definition of the relationship between Window 8 and Windows Phone 8, possibilities of Code sharing
Introduction of necessary tools for the development,the example of project creation, setting into an emulator, the example of debugging
The example of designers tools (Expression Blend)
Familiarization with other tools, particularly with the tool for unlocking a phone

2 Design of user interface

Familiarization with common key principles used for specification and Windows Store application design
Recommendations for setting the right scenarios of use
Familiarization with the possibilities of user interface Windows 8.1 and potential integration of the application into the system
Familiarization with the application user interface in Windows Phone 8.1
Navigation models used in the application
Placement of commands in the application
The right layout of control elements on the page

3 Implementation of user interface

Quick familiarization with XAML language
Overview of used common control elements in Windows Store application
Overview of control elements specific for a certain platform
Use of control elements for the creation of application layout
Control elements for items display
Implementation of the application bar
Layout adjustment for support of multi-dimensional screens and orientation

4 Techniques for user interface sharing across the platforms

Creation of your own visual styles and their saving into resources
Introduction to possibilities of creation of your own control elements

5 Design of the right application architecture and their shared core

Introduction of design pattern Model View ViewModel (MVVM) and its use in Windows Store applications
Design of the application architecture with the emphasis on code sharing

6 Working with data in the application

Familiarization with data-binding in XAML
Control elements for data display

7 Navigation in the application and application lifecycle

Familiarization with the navigation framework
Crossing between the pages of the application, passing the parameter to opening pages

Service of events connected to navigation
Lifecycle of the application
Saving the application state

8 Working with web services

News in asynchronous processing
Loading the data from a web service

9 Working with files

Introduction to possibilities of saving the application data
Working with files and directories
Access to files via FilePickers

10 Working with tiles and local notifications

Familiarization with the main principle of using the application tile
Possibilities of using the local notifications

11 Running the process on the background

Familiarization with the possibilities of running the application on the background
Transmission of data files on the background

12 Remote notifications

The principle of remote notifications running
Implementation of remote notifications into the application

13 Basic application contracts

Familiarization with the principle of application contract
How to implement an application contract on the setting administration
Working with application contract for the content sharing
Using the application contract for looking up

14 Application publishing

How to publish and application on the public Marketplace
Intercorporate distribution of the applications
Shopping in the applications
Possibilities of the trial version of the application



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