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Developing XML Web Services Using Microsoft ASP.NET

The course is intended for developers who want to learn how to use web services to create distributed systems.

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Who is the course for

This course is intended for experienced software developers who have previously built component-based applications.

What we teach you

  • To understand the architecture of applications based on web services
  • How to create and use a web service
  • How to use authentication and make web services secure
  • How to use asynchronous web service call
  • How to capture exceptions
  • To understand the structure of SOAP protocols and WSDL documents
  • You will learn about Web Service Enhancements 3.0 (WSE 3.0)
  • How to use SOAP Messaging

    Required skills

  • Knowledge of XML
  • Knowledge of VB .NET or C# .NET
  • Experience of creating distributed applications

    Teaching methods

    Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

    Teaching materials

    PowerPoint handouts

    Course Outline

    Definition of web services (WS) and fundamental concepts

    • Principal components
    • Advantages of WS
    • Web service protocol stack
    • WS vs. Remoting

    Designing WS

    • Prerequisites for designing WS
    • WS code model

    Authentication and authorisation in WS

    • Anonymous access
    • Windows authentication
    • Basic authentication
    • Digest authentication
    • Authorisation

    Asynchronous call in WS

    • Asynchronous call methods in WS
    • Asynchronous call using Begin/End methods
    • Asynchronous call with event service last
    • Asynchronous WS call from Windows applications and web applications
    • One-Way Web methods

    SOAP protocol

    • SOAP protocol - overview
    • SOAP building blocks
    • Skeleton SOAP Message
    • SOAP Header Element
    • SOAP Body Element
    • SOAP Fault Element
    • Working with SoapHeaders
    • SOAP extensions

    Finetuning WS, exceptions

    • Finetuning WS without a test project
    • Finetuning WS with a test project
    • EventLog entry

    WSDL documents

    • WSDL documents - overview
    • WSDL structure
    • Port
    • Binding
    • Services

    Web Service Enhancements 3.0 (WSE)

    • What is WSE?
    • Working with certificates
    • WSE policies and their implementation
    • Custom Policy Assertions?
    • Turnkey Security Assertions
    • WSE and MTOM
    • Handling exceptions in WSE

    SOAP Messaging

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