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Developing Web applications in Nette Framework II

The course is designed for advanced Web developers Nette Framework. On the course you will learn advanced techniques with Nette Framework eg. A custom extension to the container system. We'll show you how to write your own extensions for Tracy bar. We will describe in detail Component System in the net. Create your own form elements. We write a few tests and we tell you how to properly test. We propose a broader application, including modules. We describe the difference between inheritance and composition, and when to use what. Upon completion of this course you will be a real guru in Nette Framework, which will be able not only to work with the framework, but also can adapt it to their needs, or engage in the development itself. The course uses always the current supported version Nette Framework.

 DateDurationCourse priceHandbook priceCourse languageLocation 
5/6/2020 2 9 200 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
9/23/2020 2 9 200 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
3/4/2020 2 9 200 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Brno
11/11/2020 2 9 200 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Brno
4/16/2020 2 320,00 EUR included in course price Slovenský jazyk GOPAS Bratislava

AffiliateDurationCatalogue priceHandbook priceITB
Praha2 9 200 CZK - 20
Brno2 9 200 CZK - 20
Bratislava2 320,00 EUR - 20

What we teach you:

  • How the system works to the container and how to write your own extensions.
  • Tracy configuration and custom panels into Tracy's bar.
  • Hierarchy component and a component system in the net.
  • Creating custom form elements.
  • Testing.
  • Modular system in the net.
  • Rest API in the net.

Required skills:

  • PHP including OOP
  • Basics of HTML, CSS
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL database
  • Working with Nette rate in the range of Web application development in Nette Framework I

Teaching methods:

  • Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials:

  • Powerpoint handouts and module printouts.

Course syllabus:

Dependency Injection

  • We will describe what is dependency injection, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • We'll show you how it is implemented in DI net.
  • Create your own extensions for the System to the container.


  • We will describe how to work Container, how to create custom form elements.
  • We'll show you how, access to dynamic form elements.


  • We will discuss in detail Tracy, configuration options and settings.
  • Create your own Bar for Tracy.


  • We describe the components in depth how to create custom components and what to watch.


  • We'll show you how in net operating modules and how to design an application.
  • We will describe how it works in routing modules.


  • We'll show you how it works Nette Framework as well as the Rest Rest Server Client.
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