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Programming Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Would you like to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Java platform? Then the framework called Google Web Toolkit (GWT) may be the right solution just for you. In the course you will familiarize yourself with GWT architecture by using and creating the components, by processing events, by testing, logging, by security and other important principles which perfectly enable you to use the possibilities and abilities of this framework. Take part in the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Programming Course and get a personal licence for the IntelliJ IDEA product free.

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Praha3 21 600 CZK included in course price 30
Brno3 21 600 CZK included in course price 30
Bratislava3 885,00 EUR included in course price 30

Who is the course for

The course is designed for web application designers.

Required skills

Experience with programming in Java language.
Experience with creation of web pages (html,css and JavaScript)

Teaching methods

Instructor-led classroom training with practical examples, hands-on lab.

Teaching materials

Printed study material.

Course outline

Basics of AJAX and GWT technologies
Using of standard components of GWT framework user interface
Creation of your own components
Processing of events
Testing - automatic tests of user interface
Location of web applications
Logging of events
Accessibility of web applications with dynamic content for disabled people 
History of dynamic content of web pages
Optimization and deployment of GWT applications
Working with Eclipse IDE - WTP and GWT tools extention
Introduction to JPA - object-relational mapping



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