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Using HTTP Protocol for Webmasters

The course is intended for designers of static and dynamic web sites who want to learn about the details of how browsers communicate with web servers. Course participants will learn how to speed up page loading, reduce server load, manage the saving of pages to cache memory, set up page redirect correctly and work with cookies.

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Who is the course for

The course is intended for designers of web sites who want to understand and make use of the possibilities offered by the HTTP communication protocol.

What we teach you

  • Understand Client HTTP request and Server HTTP response
  • Work with response headers
  • To use parallel and persistent connection, keep-alive, pipeline
  • Use caching, request redirection, identification and authetication
  • Required skills

    Basic skill of creating web pages

    Teaching methods

    Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

    Teaching materials

    PowerPoint handouts

    Course Outline


    • Fundamental concepts: client (browser), webserver, IP address, DNS, HTTP, URL, proxy, cache, TCP/IP, port
    • Standards, programmes for monitoring HTTP and TCP/IP client/server communication

    Client HTTP request

    • HTTP versions (0.9, 1.0, 1.1)
    • URL
    • Host header
    • Request headers

    Server HTTP response

    • Status codes
      • 100-199 - information
      • 200-299 - success
      • 300-399 - redirection
      • 400-499 - client error
      • 500-599 - server error
    • Response headers
    • HTTP vs. meta tags in HTML

    Establishing and terminating connections in various versions of HTTP

    • Content-length header
    • Connection header
    • Parallel and persistent connection, keep-alive, pipeline
    • Transfer-encoding header: chunked
    • What happens when you click on Stop

    Information about a document, version

    • MIME, Content-type header
    • Accept-language header
    • Problems with public caches - Vary header

    Saving a document to cache

    • Private and public cache
    • Document validity period
    • How to prevent saving to cache (Cache-control, Pragma headers)
    • How to set up a document’s validity for a pre-scheduled duration (Expires, Last-Modified headers)
    • How to work with document versions (Etag header)
    • What happens when a page is restored in a browser (F5 and CTRL+F5)
    • Cache vs. browsers‘ Back button

    Request redirection

    • What 3xx status codes to select
    • Correct form processing using the POST method

    Client identification

    • User-Agent header
    • IP address
    • Cookies

    User authentication and login

    • Basic authentication
    • WWW-authenticate, Authorization, Authorization-info headers


    • Referer header (security and privacy protection)
    • Content-encoding header (data compression for transfer, gzip etc.)
    • Content-disposition header (forced file download)
    • Partial document download (Range header)
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