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ADO.NET Entity Framework for MySQL, FireBird and NuoDB

The course focuses on using Entity Framework with MySQL, FireBird and NuoDB databases, selecting a provider for Entity Framework and their installation. Sspecific behaviors and database providers will be discussed, and how these properties affect the properties of the Entity Framework - eg. in LINQ to query, mapping, etc. required. Due to the additional support of Visual Studio deploment is usually different from the installation on a developer machine and should be explored as well. The course will focus on the installation of the selected database. The course directly follows the course GOC312 and its completion or knowledge within the scope of this course is a prerequisite for participation in this course.

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Praha1 5 300 CZK included in course price 10
Brno1 5 300 CZK included in course price 10
Bratislava1 185,00 EUR included in course price 10

Who the course is for:

  • For all database applications developers who want to learn the specifics of the Entity Framework for MySQL, FireBird and NuoDB

Required skills:

  • Experience with programming in C # in the range of course GOC2125
  • Knowledge of the Entity Framework in the scope of the course GOC312

Teaching methods:

  • Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials:

  • Powerpoint handouts and module printouts.

Course syllabus:

Official provider

Providers of third parties

Installation and configuration

Specifics bred for Entity Framework

Limitations and more

Possible improvements

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