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Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7

In this excellent two-day course designed for administrators with Windows Vista knowledge you will improve your knowledge necessary for effective management of Windows 7. You will explore a new and improved user interface, you will learn to administer new control panels, such as Devices and Printers, Find and Organize, User Accounts and User Account Control. You will learn about the latest news in registering and enrolling the exchange discs using BitLocker and in Window FireWall. You will aslo learn a lot of new Group Policy settings. From the net communication point of view you will learn VPN Reconnect and HomeGroup. You will pay attention to backup and restoring the files too.

GOPAS Official Curriculum
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Praha2 8 200 CZK 1 300 CZK 20
Brno2 8 200 CZK 1 300 CZK 20
Bratislava2 260,00 EUR 45,00 EUR 20

What we teach you

  • To use new user interface effectively
  • To be sure about new control panels
  • To administer indexing and searching
  • To install and administer the controllers of devices, printers and printer and scanner
  • To manage Windows Firewall and to understand the difference between XP,Vista and 7
  • Be able to backup easily and restore both the system and data
  • To enroll the disks using Bitlocker
  • To protect yourself efficiently against malware using User Account Control
  • To set and connect new VPN connection called VPN Reconnect
  • To understand HomeGroup and be able to use it effectively in home environment

Required skills

Input text

Teaching methods

Instructor-led classroom training with practical examples, hands-on lab on virtual computers on Hyper-V platform

Teaching materials

The books from the offers of specialized publishing houses.

Course outline

  • Latest developments in user interface
  • New control panels
  • Devices and Printers
  • User Accounts a User Account Control
  • Find and Organize
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Latest developments in Windows Firewall
  • Backup and Restore
  • Recovery Environment
  • BitLocker2GO
  • VPN Reconnect
  • HomeGroup
Windows 7 Resource Kit

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Windows 7 Resource Kit

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