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Microsoft Project 2016/2013 – Basic Course

This course is designed for all, who want to work with Microsoft Project 2016 or 2013. Students will meet the project planning and supervision theory. They will learn to prepare the project plan, insert tasks, solve the source overloading, edit and debug the plan.

Both versions will be installed in the classroom. Version 2016 will be used primarily, the older version can be also used, if needed.

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Praha3 8 700 CZK included in course price 0
Brno3 7 800 CZK included in course price 0
Bratislava3 270,00 EUR included in course price 0

Who is the course for

This course is assigned for all, who want to familiarize with Microsoft Project 2016/2013 and prepare and control different kinds of projects. The training is suitable for all self-tought who already work with MS Project, but only use the basic functions and want to expand their skills for resource planning and monitoring their load in the project.

What we teach you

You will learn the basic planning theory, to initialize the project file, prepare the structure of project, insert new tasks, enter their time constraints and interdependencies, identify and assign the necessary resources to understand the logic of calculation work and its influence on subsequent changes to the plan. Locate and solve resource overallocation, check costs, save baseline, update and trace project progress, assess variances. Furthermore, the participants try different outputs from the project and will learn how to create and modify new views, tables, fields. Participants will check new knowledges using various case studies.

Required skills

Basic knowledge of Windows

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

PowerPoint handouts.

Course outline

  • Basic notions
  • Microsoft Project Enviroment
Establishing project
  • Project initialization
  • Working time configuration - calendars
Work with tasks
  • Automatic/manual tasks
  • Task definition
  • Project Outline
  • Tasks bindings
  • Task constraings and deadlines
  • Timeline
  • Critical path of project
Work with resources
  • Resource types (material, employees, cost)
  • Resource definition
  • Resource time constraints
  • Resource allocation
  • Resource load monitoring
  • Resource overloading solving
  • Team planner
  • Costs types
  • Task costs, source costs, project costs
  • Time-ordered data
Project startup and management
  • Baseline settings
  • Solving plan changes
  • Project monitoring
  • Reports, analysis, charts
Multiple projects cooperation
  • Source sharing
  • Projects bindings
Enviroment modification
  • Tables, Views, filters, groups definitions
  • Work with templates
  • Own field creating
  • Own calculations
  • Report modifications
Export and import
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