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Microsoft Access – Application Development

The course is intended for everyone who wants to acquire knowledge and skills in programming and designing database applications in the Microsoft Access environment. Course participants are required to know about programming in Microsoft Visual Basic (viz. recommended prior courses).

 DateDurationCourse priceHandbook priceCourse languageLocation 
11/11/2019 5 20 000 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
3/16/2020 5 20 000 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha

AffiliateDurationCatalogue priceHandbook priceITB
Praha5 20 000 CZK included in course price 50
Brno5 19 000 CZK included in course price 50
Bratislava5 700,00 EUR included in course price 50

Who is the course for

The course is intended for developers who want to programme in Microsoft Access.

What we teach you

  • Fundamentals of the language of macros
  • Using the Microsoft Access object model
  • Using an ADO library (ActiveX Data Objects)
  • Making a database secure
  • Required skills

  • User-level knowledge of Microsoft Access
  • Basic Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programming skills
  • Teaching methods

    Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

    Teaching materials

    PowerPoint handouts

    Course Outline

    Intorduction to macros

    • Programming in Microsoft Access
    • Creating macros
    • Conditional macros
    • Shortuc keys

    Visual Basic Fundamentals

    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Command for controlling program execution
    • Functions and procedures
    • Using Dialogs
    • Error Handling

    Microsoft Access Object Model

    • Object fundamentals
    • Properties, methods and Events
    • Object browser
    • Collections
    • Forms, Reports collections
    • All collections

    Microsoft Office Object Model

    • FileSearch Object
    • Assistant Object
    • CommandBars Object

    ActiveX Data Objects

    • Architecture overview
    • Library installation
    • Setting References

    Connection Object

    • Setting ConnectionString
    • Opening connections
    • Using Transactions

    Recordset Object

    • Opening Recordset
    • Using cursors
    • Updating Recordset
    • Filtering
    • Searching
    • Sorting

    Command Object

    • Setting command parameters
    • Executing command
    • Acquiring resultset


    • Securiing Access database
    • Encrypting database
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