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Microsoft Azure - Associate: Azure Security Technologies

Four days of instructor-led training preparing students for AZ-500 certification exam.

 DateDurationCourse priceHandbook priceCourse languageLocation 
GTK 6/22/2020 4 31 400 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
9/29/2020 4 31 400 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
10/26/2020 4 31 400 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Brno
6/15/2020 4 700,00 EUR 320,00 EUR Český jazyk Bratislava GOPAS Online

AffiliateDurationCatalogue priceHandbook priceITB
Praha4 31 400 CZK included in course price 40
Brno4 31 400 CZK included in course price 40
Bratislava4 700,00 EUR 320,00 EUR 40

User intensity level

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At course completion students will be able

Describe specialized data classifications on Azure
Identify Azure data protection mechanisms
Implement Azure data encryption methods
Secure Internet protocols and how to implement them on Azure
Describe Azure security services and features


Knowledge in extent of the courses which are listed in the bellow sections Previous Courses and Related Courses
Good understanding of TCP/IP and DNS technologies

Teaching methods

Instructor-led classroom training with self-paced practical exercises in computer-based virtual environment on Hyper-V platform
Self-paced excercises usually take at least one third of the time spent on the course

Student materials

Electronical version of Microsoft Learning (MSL) official student training kit in English (Digital MOC)
The student kit contains an electronical version of a book with reprint of the presentations used during the course as well as detailed procedures for practical exercises. Excercises usually take at least one third of the time spent on the course
The student kit also represents a valid license to attend the course. Every student is officially required to have the student kit available for his own use during the course. If the student already owns student kit from a previous training, it is not necessarily required to pay for it again

Course outline

Configure Azure Active Directory for Azure workloads and subscriptions
Configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
Configure security for an Azure subscription
Understand cloud security
Build a network
Secure network
Implement host security
Implement platform security
Implement subscription security
Configure security services
Configure security policies by using Azure Security Center
Manage security alerts
Respond to and remediate security issues
Create security baselines
Configure security policies to manage data
Configure security for data infrastructure
Configure encryption for data at rest
Understand application security
Implement security for application lifecycle
Secure applications
Configure and manage Azure Key Vault

Preparation for Microsoft certification

Most Microsoft certification exams do not require students to attend an official MOC course in order to pass the exam. This applies to all certifications except for MCM
Official Microsoft MOC courses as well as our own GOC courses are good ways of preparation for Microsoft certifications such as MCP, MTA, MCSA, MCSE or MCM
This does not mean that official MOC courses would serve as the only necessary praparation. The primary goal of an MOC course is to provide for sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience to effectively work with the related product
MOC courses usually cover most of the topics required by their respective certification exams, but often do not give every topic the same amount of time and emphassis as may be required to completelly pass the exam

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Elektronická příručka MOCAZ-500 včetně Microsoft Labs Online

8600 CZK
Elektronická příručka MOCAZ-500 včetně Microsoft Labs Online

320 EUR
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