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Microsoft Azure – Advanced Development

This course is aiming people with practical knowledge with running applications on Windows Azure platform (topics like in "Basic" course) and looking for a way to do more with it. And also to people trying to understand what's possible on the "Azure cloud" in respect to using proper way instead of learning from own mistakes all over again. Some "free scaling" ideas are not that clear as it looks like when you have real world application.

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  • Azure Networks
  • Azure Service Bus
  • (Azure Media Services)
  • (Azure Add-Ons)
  • Deployment scripting and automation
  • Table storage keys and indexing
  • Caching
  • Security
  • CDN domain
  • Blobs SAS/lease
  • Blobs storage traffic
  • Traffic Manager (load balancing)
  • Cores limit in deployment
  • Naming items
  • Production vs. Stage (blobs, tables, ...)
  • Blobs as resources
  • Put work to Worker roles
  • Going globally, everything distributed

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