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PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner

This 2-day course deepens, links and practices PRINCE2 project management methodology in line with the latest version of the PRINCE2 Project Management Manual from 2017. At the same time, this course illustrates how PRINCE2 methodology can be tailored to the needs of the project. At the end of the course you can pass the international certification exam PRINCE2 Practitioner in English. Teaching is done in Czech or English using English materials and terminology in relation to the language of the certification exam.

Accredited PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner training is provided by or ociris accredited by PeopleCert Examination Institute.

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Praha2 14 800 CZK included in course price 0
Brno2 14 800 CZK included in course price 0
Bratislava2 550,00 EUR included in course price 0

Who is the course for

The course is designed for those who have practical experience with project management or participate in project management. It is also intended for members of the project office, quality staff, management staff, and potential project sponsors.

What we teach you

  • How to compose individual elements of the PRINCE2 methodology into one functional unit
  • Practical application of 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes in a specific environment for a particular project
  • All you need for a certification exam

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Each course participant receives a complete presentation used during the course in the English language. In addition, he will receive the official book Managing Successful Project with PRINCE2 2017. All participants in the certification exam course will receive examples of test questions, including explanations of the correct answers.

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Definitions and basic concepts
  • Pre-project
    • Organization theme
    • Business case theme
    • Starting up a project process
  • Setting a project
    • Directing a projectpProcess
    • Setting up a project process
    • Plans theme
    • Manage stage boundaries process
  • Execute a projects
    • Quality theme
    • Risk theme
    • Change theme
    • Controlling stage process
    • Manage product delivery process
    • Progress theme
  • End a project
    • Closing a  project process
  • Summary and repetition
  • Certification Exam

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited.

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