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IBM Case Manager 5.2: Integrated Rules

This course is for those whose job includes responsibility for designing Case Manager Solutions that contain integrated business rules. You work with a functioning IBM Case Manager system to practice the skills required to use the rule editor to define business rules, integrate the rules into a solution, and test for rule outcomes.

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Who is the course for

  • A Business Analyst responsible for scoping the high level solution and configuring integrated rules.
  • A Solution Architect responsible for developing the overall design of the solution, and assisting the
  • Business Analyst with complex case and data modeling.
  • A System administrator responsible for exporting rules.
  • A Developer responsible for enhancing the rules of the solution in Process Designer.

What we teach you

Acquire the knowledge and skills to define integrated rules, using the rule editor provided by IBM Case Manager Builder, and use them in solutions.

Required skills

You should have attended:

  • IBM Case Manager 5.2: Introduction to Case Manager (F2150)
  • Unit 1: IBM Case Manager 5.2: Build and Migrate a Solution (F2120)

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

IBM guide book for this course.

Course outline

  • Why use business rules
  • Create a simple rule
  • Create a table-based rules
  • Create complex text-based rule
  • Enhance a rule with Process Designer
  • Export a rule

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