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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS v5.2.0 Administration

This 2-day Sterling Connect:Direct® for z/OS Administration course provides an overview of the various administrative tasks and its functions. The course explains the work of each administrative task, the initialization parameters and statistics facility. The course explains the various security concepts and protocols, security exits and user exits. The course also provides an overview of Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS configurations.

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4/29/2020 2 972,00 EUR included in course price Slovenský jazyk GOPAS Bratislava

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Who is the course for

This course is designed for administrators, implementors, application users, and application programmers who intend to use Sterling Connect:Direct on z/OS systems.

What we teach you

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the administrative tasks.
  • Add/Update Netmap entries.
  • Add/Update User Authorization.
  • Describe Sterling Connect:Direct/Plex configuration.
  • Describe the Sterling Connect:Direct initialization parameters.
  • Explain the Sterling Connect:Direct statistics facility.
  • Configure the statistics facility to retrieve data.
  • Describe the security implementation.
  • Describe the User exits implementation.
  • Explain the configuration of Sterling Secure Plus with Sterling Connect:Direct z/OS.

Required skills

The following are the prerequisites for taking this course:

  • Fundamentals of Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS.
  • Knowledge of z/OS and ISPF-based system.

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

IBM guide book for this course.

Course outline


  • Course Overview  
  • Lesson 1. Introduction
  • Lesson 2. Administration Tasks


  • Lesson 1. Initialization Parameters
  • Lesson 2. Statistics Facility


  • Lesson 1. Security Implementation
  • Lesson 2. User Exits
  • Lesson 3. Secure Plus Option for z/OS
  • Course Wrap up

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