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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows Fundamentals

This 3-day instructor-led course provides the skills necessary to use and manage IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® in the Windows environment. This course is valuable for end-users and application programmers intending to use Sterling Connect:Direct®. It is also valuable to systems administrators, operators, production control personnel, help desk staff, and support personnel responsible for Sterling Connect:Direct® operations. This course explains the Windows environment for Sterling Connect:Direct, installation and configuration procedures, process language, and interfaces. The students will also learn the components of different user interfaces of Sterling Connect:Direct and troubleshooting methods.

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3/30/2020 3 1 293,00 EUR included in course price Slovenský jazyk GOPAS Bratislava

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Praha3 42 000 CZK included in course price 0
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Who is the course for

This intermediate course is designed for:

  • Systems administrators
  • Operators
  • Production control personnel
  • Help desk staff
  • Support personnel responsible for Sterling Connect:Direct operations

What we teach you

  • Explain the architecture and functionalities of Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows
  • Install Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows
  • Create, submit and track processes
  • Navigate through Sterling Connect:Direct interfaces
  • Describe the importance of  Sterling Connect:Direct Software Development Kit
  • Describe and configure File Agent
  • Explain about performance and tuning tasks
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot common errors
  • Determine the need for Sterling File Accelerator

Required skills

Awareness of File Transfer protocol (FTP) and Managed File Transfer (MFT) functionality.

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

IBM guide book for this course.

Course outline


Lesson 1. Overview of Connect:Direct
Lesson 2. Architecture of Connect:Direct
Lesson 3. Installation of Connect:Direct


Lesson 1. Process Language
Lesson 2. Process Monitor – TCQ
Lesson 3. Audit Trail – Statistics
Lesson 4. Command Line Interface
Lesson 5. Client Utilities


Lesson 1. Connect:Direct Browser User Interface
Lesson 2. Connect:Direct Software Developers Kit – SDK
Lesson 3. Connect:Direct File Agent Configuration
Lesson 4. Process Data Flow


Lesson 1. Performance and Tuning
Lesson 2. Diagnostic Tools and Procedures
Lesson 3. Sterling File Accelerator and UDT
Course Wrap Up

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