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Multi-Domain Security Management a Virtuální Systémy (VSX) verze R77

Master the skills to deploy and manage virtualized security in high-performance environments. 5-day course covers everything you need to design, install, configure and manage MDSM with VSX.

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Who is the course for

This course is designed for customers and partners who want to virtualize components of their security management including:

  • System Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Network Engineers

What we teach you

  • Introduction to MDSM with VSX
  • MDSM Deployment
  • MDSM Installation and Configuration
  • MDSM Logging Features
  • Advanced Features
  • VSX Deployment
  • VSX Gateway Installation and Configuration
  • VSX Advanced Features


  • Deploying Multi-Domain Security Management
  • Converting a Security Management Server to a Domain Management Server
  • Importing an Existing SMS Configuration into a New DMS
  • Assigning Administrator Privileges
  • Configuring a Multi-Domain Log Server
  • Deploying a Global Policy
  • Implementing MDS High Availability
  • Licensing Multi-Domain Management
  • Transitioning Physical Security Gateways into a Virtual Environment
  • Deploying Virtual Systems and virtual Network Devices
  • Implementing Virtual System Load Sharing

Required skills

  • Advanced networking knowledge
  • Windows Server and/or UNIX skills
  • Internet and TCP/IP experience
  • CCSE and CCMSE or equivalent experience

Certification information

This course helps prepare for the MDSM with VSX exam #156-820.77 available at VUE test centers:

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Check Point guide book for this course.

Course outline

  • Identify the features and functions of MDSM with VSX
  • Describe the MDSM with VSX architecture
  • Choose the correct MDSM implementation to cover your company’s domains
  • Classify the various pieces of the MDSM architecture
  • Use the correct tools to troubleshoot and solve any issues
  • Install MDSM
  • Configure the MDSM environment
  • Create an MDS Manager
  • Install and configure the Smart Domain Manager
  • Implement any necessary Management plug-ins
  • Configure and implement a Multi-Domain Log Server for the MDSM environment
  • Configure and implement a domain Log Server for a given domain
  • Configure and implement a Global Policy
  • Configure and implement VPNs globally and per domain
  • Create a secondary MDS Manager and enable MDS High Availability
  • Create and configure secondary DMS
  • Configure DMS High Availability based on a domain’s requirements
  • Identify the VSX components
  • Describe the relationship between the VSX components
  • Describe the function of VSX Context Identification
  • Describe the Traffic Inspection Process
  • Describe the purpose of the Virtual System within the VSX environment
  • List various common deployment scenarios
  • Demonstrate how to transition physical firewalls to a VSX environment
  • Demonstrate how to deploy virtual infrastructure with VLAN tagging
  • Describe the difference between standard Physical Security Gateway Clusters and VSX Gateway Clusters
  • Identify the different synchronization modes
  • Describe common troubleshooting practices

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