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Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

This one-day instructor-led course describes how to create, run, and monitor workflows to automate business processes.

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Who is the course for

This course is intended for Microsoft Dynamics CRM System Administrators and Customizers, as well as business managers who want to find out how to automate business processes.

What we teach you

  • Describe the primary benefits and scenarios for using workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Describe how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 workflows function.
  • Design, create, and manage basic workflows.
  • Course Outline

    Basic WorkflowsThis module explains workflow concepts and how to create a basic workflow.Lessons

    • Introducing Workflows
    • Workflow Types and Triggers
    • Actions, Conditions, and Dynamic Values
    • Three Basic Workflows

    Design ProcessThis module presents a high-level overview of a typical design process for Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows.Lessons

    • Design Considerations
    • Business Process Analysis

    Advanced Workflows

    • Update and Delete Triggers
    • Conditional Branching
    • An Advanced Workflow

    Multi-Stage WorkflowsThis module describes how to create multi-stage workflows. The concepts of stages and child workflows are introduced. In addition, the business benefits of staged and child workflows and how to plan them are presented.Lessons

    • Stages
    • A Set of Sales Process Workflows
    • Testing the Sales Process Workflows

    Managing Workflows

    • Monitoring Workflows
    • Importing and Exporting Workflows
    • Workflow Security
    • Data Migration and Workflows

    Additional Topics

    • More Scenarios
    • Workflows and the Sales Pipeline Report
    • Extending Workflows

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