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Version Control System Subversion

The course is designed for programmers, administrators, graphic designers and all who work with any type of documents, source codes, binary files and need to maintain version history and time continuity of work. The course will introduce you to some version control systems and walk through the entire work cycle with Subversion version control system from installation to administration. Subversion is a SCM tool (source code content management - Source Content Management). This is typical central version control system with client server architecture. It replace CVS (Concurrent Versions System). Subversion is commonly used for managing source code written in any language, documents or any binary files. It supports Unicode (UTF-8) and therefore it is also suitable for documents written in Czech, Polish or Swahili.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

The course is primarily intended for programmers, administrators, but also for graphics and all who work with any documents, source code or binary files and need to maintain version history and the time work continuity.

What we teach you

Subversion installation in MS Windows

Subversion installation in Linux

Server administration, users and rights management

Repository migration

Make conversion from other control version system

Backup repository and rescue

Work with command line Subversion client

Work with TortoiseSVN

Creating and using patches.

All using commands for work with version control system Subversion

Required skills

· User-level knowledge Windows and Linux

· Knowledge of a programming language is an advantage

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

PowerPoint handouts.

Course Outline

Version Control Systems

· Basics


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