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Trade in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

This two and a half day Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trade course explores all of the activities required to handle the purchase, sale, and return of inventory in the program. This course will show you how to manage sales and purchase transactions, including prices and discounts, item charges and order promising. Requisition management will be covered, as well as returns management and customer service features.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

The intended audience includes individuals wanting to learn the basic features and to develop a working knowledge of the typical day-to-day procedures required to effectively use Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trade. The class is targeted toward sales and purchase managers, salespeople and purchasers, and others in an organization who are responsible for the setup and administration of trade functionality, including item prices, discounts, and substitutions.

What we teach you

Completing this course allows students to:

Completing this course allows students to:
Manage sales transactions
Create and use sales prices and discounts
Process sales of items with substitutions and cross references
Process sales of nonstock items
Manage purchase transactions
Create and process purchase requisitions
Set up and use item charges
Use the order promising functionality
Process returns from customers and to vendors
Create analysis reports
Perform analysis by dimensions
Create sales and purchase budgets

Before attending this course, students must have:

Before attending this course, students must have:
General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV financials for financials processing
Basic knowledge of distribution and logistics

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Original Microsoft classware, not included in the price of the training. All materials are in English language.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

This chapter gives students a general overview of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trade training course. It also explains how to install Microsoft Dynamics NAV on your computer.


  • About the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trade Manual
  • Completing this chapter allows students to:
  • Become familiar with the purpose of the Trade training course
  • Have Microsoft Dynamics NAV installed on their machines

Module 2: Sales Order Management

This chapter focuses on the key features of sales management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The focus is on the most common aspects of handling sales transactions, and covers quotes, blanket and sales orders, drop shipments, item reservations, document status, and order posting. The chapter starts with a short section on sales management setup.


  • Setting up Sales Management
  • Managing Sales Transactions 

Module 3: Sales Prices and Discounts

This chapter demonstrates how to use the sales line pricing and sales line discounting functions available in the program. The first part of the chapter covers setting up alternative sales prices, using the pricing mechanism, and maintaining sales prices. The second part of the chapter covers the processing of item-related discounts, invoice discounts, and payment discounts. Both sections show how to use the program to find the best price available for a customer.


  • Setting up and Maintaining Sales Prices
  • Setting up and Using Line and Invoice Discounts

Module 4: Customer Service Features

This chapter discusses how to utilize the customer service features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and shows the processes for using item substitution and item cross references. In addition, you learn how to handle the sale of nonstock items. All these features are designed to assist salespeople in meeting customer requests.


  • Item Substitution
  • Item Cross Reference
  • Nonstock Items

Module 5: Purchase Order Management

This chapter focuses on the key features of purchase order management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and examines the most common aspects of handling purchase transactions. Additionally, the chapter covers quotes and purchase orders, including order posting, and discusses purchase prices and discounts. The chapter starts with a short section on purchase order management setup.


  • Setting up Purchases
  • Managing Purchase Transactions
  • Purchase Prices and Discounts

Module 6: Requisition Management

This chapter covers the processes involved in requisition management, focusing on the requisition worksheet. The batch jobs to calculate the replenishment plan and create the purchase orders are discussed, as are additional worksheet features that facilitate the requisition process. The chapter starts with a discussion of re

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