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Team Collaboration Using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

This one-day, scenario-based course provides students with a better understanding of how to improve team collaboration by using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and other Microsoft Office 2003 applications. This course is for people who are looking to improve their business skills through hands-on exercises and facilitated group discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and technologies that are reshaping the traditional concepts of team collaboration. The integration of Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 with other Microsoft Office System tools will be used to demonstrate creative and user-friendly techniques that can lead to more effective team collaboration.

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Course Overview

Module: Trends in Team Collaboration

Getting Started with Team Collaboration
What Is Team Collaboration?
Comparing Traditional and Virtual Teams
Challenges of Virtual Team Collaboration
Identifying Key Traits of Team Collaboration
Relating Team Collaboration to Experiences
Sort Game: Team Collaboration
Self Test

Industry Trends in Team Collaboration
Identifying Industry Trends in Team Collaboration
Advantages of Windows SharePoint Services
Team Collaboration Tools in Windows SharePoint Services
Self Test

Module: Accelerating Team Effectiveness

Introduction to Adventure Works
Overview of Adventure Works
Adventure Works Team Profile
Adventure Works Team Priorities
Self Test
Lab A: Creating a Virtual Team Environment

Windows SharePoint Services Collaboration Features
Scenario: Reviewing Team Site Features
Understanding SharePoint Services Features
Self Test
Lab B: Working with Collaboration Features

Module: Addressing Team Complexity

The Challenge of Team Complexity
Common Challenges in a Complex Team Environment
Sort Game: Challenges of Virtual Teams
Self Test
Lab A: Managing Team Documents
Lab B: Solving Problems
Lab C: Streamlining and Improving Processes

Module: Promoting Team Creativity

Creating Successful Team Collaboration
Understanding Team Considerations
Drag and Drop Game: Virtual Team Considerations
Self Test
Lab A: Brainstorming in a Virtual Environment
Lab B: Responding to Client Needs

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