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Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Applications on a Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System Platform

This two-day instructor led course is to provide individuals who are new to Microsoft Windows® XP with the knowledge and skills necessary to troubleshoot basic problems end users will face related to configuring and maintaining applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and other applications that run on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System. This is an introductory course designed to provide information on how to troubleshoot applications running on Microsoft Windows XP.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

This course is intended for new entrants and career changers new to the IT industry. They have experience using Microsoft Office and have basic Microsoft Windows navigation skills. Another audience is the current call center technician with 6 months experience looking to validate their support skills.

What we teach you

  • Configure and troubleshoot applications.
  • Set application compatibility settings.
  • Troubleshoot application installation problems.
  • Configure and troubleshoot e-mail account configurations.
  • Configure and troubleshoot Internet Explorer.
  • Configure and troubleshoot Outlook Express.
  • Configure the operating system to support applications.
  • Configure and troubleshoot file system access and file permission problems on multi-boot computers.
  • Resolve issues related to usability of applications.
  • Manage Microsoft Outlook® data, including configuring, importing, and exporting data, and fixing corrupted data.
  • Resolve issues related to customizing Internet Explorer.
  • Resolve issues related to customizing Outlook Express.
  • Resolve issues related to customizing the operating system.
  • Configure and troubleshooting connectivity for applications.
  • Configure application security.
  • Identify and troubleshoot problems related to security permissions.
  • Answer end user questions related to application security settings.

    Required skills

  • Attended Course 2261: Supporting Users Running the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
  • Experience using Microsoft Office as a general user.
  • Experience using a Microsoft Windows operating system such as Microsoft Windows XP.

    Teaching methods

    On-site Instructor led, Classroom

    Teaching materials

    The student kit includes a comprehensive workbook and other necessary materials for this class

    Course Outline

    Module 1: Introduction to Desktop Application Support
  • Overview of Desktop Application Support
  • Overview of the Windows System Architecture
  • Overview of Application Installation
  • Describe the job role of the desktop application support technician and the tools available for troubleshooting applications.
  • Explain the importance of the Windows System Architecture as it relates to troubleshooting applications running on Windows desktops.
  • Describe the application installation process and the changes on a computer resulting from installing an application.

    Module 2: Introduction to Troubleshooting Applications

  • Troubleshooting MS-DOS-Based and Win16 Applications
  • Troubleshooting Win32 Applications
  • Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues
  • Troubleshooting Security Issues Related to Applications
  • Troubleshoot applications.
  • Troubleshoot application compatibility issues.
  • Troubleshoot security issues related to applications.
  • Troubleshoot MS-DOS-based and Win16 applications.
  • Troubleshoot Win32 applications.
  • Troubleshoot application compatibility issues.
  • Troubleshoot security issues related to applications.

    Module 3: Supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Configuring General Settings
  • Configuring Security and Privacy Settings
  • Configuring Content Settings
  • Configuring Connectivity Settings
  • Configuring Program and Advanced Settings
  • Customizing Internet Explorer
  • Troubleshoot Internet Explorer.
  • Configure general settings.
  • Configure security and privacy settings.
  • Configure content settings.
  • Configure connectivity settings.
  • Configure program and advanced settings.
  • Customize Internet Explorer.

    Module 4: Supporting Outlook Express

  • Configuring Outlook Express for Email
  • Managing Outlook Express Data
  • Configuring Outlook Express for Newsgroups
  • Troubleshoot Outlook Express.
  • Configure Outlook Express for email.
  • Manage Outlook Express data.
  • Configure Outlook Express for newsgroups.

    Module 5: Supporting Microsoft Office

  • Introduction to Supporting Microsoft Office
  • Supporting Office Installation
  • Supporting an Upgrade
  • Managing Office Security and Recoverability
  • Managing Office Language Features
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Office.
  • Explain the Office installation process.
  • Support the Office installation process.
  • Support an upgrade of Office.
  • Manage an existing Office installation.

    Module 6: Supporting Microsoft Outlook

  • Configuring Outlook
  • Managing Outlook Data
  • Troubleshooting Outlook
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook.
  • Configure Outlook.
  • Manage Outlook data.
  • Troubleshooting Outlook.
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