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Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL

Students learn database language SQL to retrieve, insert, update or delete data in database. The main focus is on using SELECT statement in the most advanced way, using subqueries and overwiev of other database objects.

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Who is the course for

This course is intended for SQL Server database administrators, implementers, system engineers, and developers who are responsible for writing queries.

What we teach you

  • Describe the uses of and ways to execute the Transact-SQL language.
  • Use querying tools.
  • Write SELECT queries to retrieve data.
  • Group and summarize data by using Transact-SQL.
  • Join data from multiple tables.
  • Write queries that retrieve and modify data by using subqueries.
  • Modify data in tables.
  • Query text fields with full-text search.
  • Describe how to create programming objects.

Required skills

Experience using a Microsoft Windows® operating system. An understanding of basic relational database concepts, including: logical and physical database design, data integrity concepts., relationships between tables and columns (primary key and foreign key, one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many)., how data is stored in tables (rows and columns).

Teaching methods

Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

Teaching materials

The student materials include comprehensive courseware and other necessary materials for this class. All reading materials are in English and are not included in the course price.

Course Outline

Introduction to Transact-SQL

  • The Transact-SQL Programming Language
  • Types of Transact-SQL Statements
  • Transact-SQL Syntax Elements
  • Using SQL Server Books Online

    Using Transact-SQL Querying Tools

  • SQL Query Analyzer
  • Using the Object Browser Tool in SQL Query Analyzer
  • Using the osql Utility
  • Creating and Executing Transact-SQL Scripts

    Retrieving Data

  • Retrieving Data by Using the SELECT Statement
  • Filtering Data
  • Formatting Result Sets
  • How Queries Are Processed
  • Performance Considerations
  • Retrieving Data and Manipulating Result Sets

    Grouping and Summarizing Data

  • Listing the TOP n Values
  • Using Aggregate Functions
  • GROUP BY Fundamentals
  • Generating Aggregate Values Within Result Sets
  • Using the COMPUTE and COMPUTE BY Clauses
  • Grouping and Summarizing Data

    Joining Multiple Tables

  • Using Aliases for Table Names
  • Combining Data from Multiple Tables
  • Querying Multiple Tables

    Working with Subqueries

  • Introduction to Subqueries
  • Using a Subquery as a Derived Table
  • Using a Subquery as an Expression
  • Using a Subquery to Correlate Data
  • Using the EXISTS and NOT EXISTS Clauses
  • Working with Subqueries

    Modifikace dat

  • Using Transactions
  • Inserting Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Updating Data
  • Performance Considerations
  • Modifying Data

    Querying Full-Text Indexes

  • Introduction to Microsoft Search Service
  • Microsoft Search Service Components
  • Getting Information About Full-Text Indexes
  • Writing Full-Text Queries
  • Querying Full-Text Indexes

    Introduction to Programming Objects

  • Displaying the Text of a Programming Object
  • Introduction to Views
  • Advantages of Views
  • Creating Views
  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • Introduction to Triggers
  • Introduction to User-defined Functions
  • Working with Views
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