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Pinnacle Studio – Basic Course

This course can be done on MS Windows
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User intensity level

Required skills

Basics of working with computers.

Teaching methods

Expert instruction with practical demonstrations and examples.

Course Outline

Theory of digital video

  • fundamental concepts
  • differences between analogue and digital video
  • shooting speed, resolution
  • video formats, transmission standards
  • video compression, types of compression
  • DV technology
  • hardware for digital video
  • software for digital video
  • sources of online information, literature

Using Pinnacle Studio

  • edit mode

Recording video

  • Recording mode interface
  • Recording process
  • Digital recording
  • Analogue recording


  • Recorded video section
  • Transitions section
  • Titles section
  • Still Images section
  • Disc Menus section
  • Sound effects section
  • Music section

Movie window

  • Showing the Movie window
  • Instrument panel

Video clips

  • Video clips basics
  • Trimming video clips
  • Splitting and merging video clips
  • Enhanced0 timeline editing
  • Using video effects
  • Video effects library
  • Standard effects pack
  • Plus effects pack
  • Creating a music video using SmartMovie

Editing two tracks in Studio Plus


  • Trimming transitions

Still images

  • Editing still images
  • Saving still images

Disc menu

Title editor

  • Title editor controls
  • Title editor album

Audio effects and music

  • Trimming audio clips
  • Volume and audio mixing
  • Audio effects
  • Plus effects pack

Exporting video

  • To disk media
  • To file
  • To tape

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