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Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloudu with System Center 2012

This course describes how to monitor and operate a private cloud with Microsoft System Center 2012. This course focuses on how to manage and administer the private cloud, and it describes how you can monitor key infrastructure elements and applications that run within the private cloud. It does not discuss planning and implementation, which is covered in 10751A: Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012.

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User intensity level

At course completion students will be able

Describe the private cloud infrastructure.
Configure and optimize business unit clouds.
Deploy cloud services.
Monitor private cloud services.
Configure application performance monitoring.
Operate and extend service management in the private cloud.
Automate incident creation, remediation, and change requests.
Implement problem management in the private cloud.
Automate Self-Service provisioning.
Protect the resources in the private cloud by using Data Protection Manager.
Configure compliance in the private cloud.
Configure SLAs, dashboards, and widgets.


Knowledge in extent of the courses which are listed in the bellow sections Previous Courses and Related Courses
Good understanding of Active Directory and Group Policy
Basic practical experience operating and working in private cloud environment
Good understanding of TCP/IP and DNS technologies

Teaching methods

Instructor-led classroom training with self-paced practical exercises in computer-based virtual environment on Hyper-V platform
Self-paced excercises usually take at least one third of the time spent on the course

Student materials

Microsoft Learning (MSL) official student training kit in English
The student kit contains a book with the presentations used during the course as well as detailed procedures for practical exercises. Excercises usually take at least one third of the time spent on the course
The student kit also represents a valid license to attend the course. Every student is officially required to have the student kit available for his own use during the course. If the student already owns student kit from a previous training, it is not necessarily required to pay for it again

Course outline

Overview of the Cloud Computing Model
Requirements for the Private Cloud
Operating a Private Cloud Infrastructure with System Center
Maintaining the Health of the Private Cloud
Integrating System Center Components
Verifying the Compliance of the Private Cloud Infrastructure
Overview of System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Managing a Virtual Environment with Virtual Machine Manager
Creating Business Unit Clouds
Overview of Service Templates
VMM Profiles
Web Deploy Packages
Overview of Server App-V
Data-Tier Application Packages
Overview of System Center Operations Manager
Agent Deployment in Operations Manager
Configuring Custom Monitoring
Monitoring the Network Infrastructure
Monitoring Distributed Applications
Application Performance Monitoring
Advanced Monitoring in Application Performance Monitoring
Viewing Application Performance in Operations Manager
Overview of Service Manager
Configuring Security and User Roles
Configuring Work Items
Configuring Incident Queues
Configuring Service Offerings
Overview of System Center Orchestrator 2012
Integrating Orchestrator with Operations Manager and Service Manager
Overview of Problem Management
Creating Custom Rules
Installing and Configuring the System Center Cloud Services Process Pack
Cloud Services Configuration Items
Cloud Services Request Items
Protecting Data in the Private Cloud
Recovering Data in the Private Cloud
Overview of the Process Pack for IT GRC
Installing and Configuring the Process Pack for IT GRC
Implementing an IT GRC Control Management Program
Maintaining Compliance through VMM Security Baselines and System Center Advisor
Service Level Tracking
Configuring and Deploying Widgets and Dashboards
Publishing Real-Time State with Microsoft Visio Snap-in
System Center Analytics
Using Excel and SSRS to View Data
Overview of PerformancePoint

Preparation for Microsoft certification

Most Microsoft certification exams do not require students to attend an official MOC course in order to pass the exam. This applies to all certifications except for MCM
Official Microsoft MOC courses as well as our own GOC courses are good ways of preparation for Microsoft certifications such as MCP, MTA, MCSA, MCSE or MCM
This does not mean that official MOC courses would serve as the only necessary praparation. The primary goal of an MOC course is to provide for sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience to effectively work with the related product
MOC courses usually cover most of the topics required by their respective certification exams, but often do not give every topic the same amount of time and emphassis as may be required to completelly pass the exam

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