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Microsoft SQL Server – Optimal Data Warehouse Design and ETL Tools Summary

In this course, students will design, optimize and create a data warehouse for BI solutions with the respect to chosen strategy used for creating data warehouse. The main focus is on solving requirements of data warehouse such as the change of data granularity, data historization etc... A summary of TSQL orders and tools which are possible to use for data warehouse fulfillment is also a part of this course.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

  • This course is for IT professionals who are supposed to create data warehouse for data unification, processing and cleaning.

After completing this course, students will be able :

  • To set requirements for data warehouse
  • To design an optimal data warehouse (single-layer X N-layer)
  • To minimize the effect of change requirements
  • Data historization on the dimension level (SCD)
  • Solve different requirement to facts tables (different currencies, currency conversion, warehouse supplies)
  • To use optimal ELT technologies for data warehouse fulfillment

      Required skills

      • Knowledge based on the content of the course GOC34

      Teaching methods

      Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice


      Printed presentation

      Course Outline

      Introduction to data warehousing
      • Types of data warehouses
      • Optimal design of data warehouse
      • Typical development of data warehouse
      Types of tables and their use
      • Dimensional tables
      • Fact tables
      Data warehouse requirements
      • Optimization for data reading
      • Records historization
      • Setting of record/ granularity
      Data warehouse fulfillment
      • Types of data
      • Choosing a strategy for data warehouse tables fulfillment
      • Restart ability of fulfillment process
      ETL tools
      • TSQL – merge vs. Insert
      • SSIS
      • BCP
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