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Microsoft Excel – Application Development

Course participants will learn about writing macros to automate and facilitate work in Microsoft Excel. Course participants are required to know about programming in Microsoft Visual Basic (viz. recommended prior courses).

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Praha4 16 000 CZK included in course price 40
Brno4 15 200 CZK included in course price 40
Bratislava4 560,00 EUR included in course price 40

User intensity level

Who is the course for

The course is intended for experienced spreadsheet users skilled in the fundamentals of Visual Basic who want to learn how to write macros and programmes to automate processes in Microsoft Excel.

What we teach you

Course participants learn how to work with MS Excel’s object model, how to use fundamental objects like Workbook, Worksheet and Range. During the course, participants will be shown and will try out many useful macros to facilitate work in MS Excel.

Required skills

Knowledge of working in Microsoft Excel and fundamentals of programming in Visual Basic.

Teaching methods

Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

Teaching materials

Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

Course Outline

Introduction to macros

  • Fundamental concepts
  • Recording and programming macros
  • Examples
  • Running macros with keyboard shortcuts, buttons and command menus

Fundamental concepts of Visual Basic for Applications

  • Variables and data types
  • Control commands
  • Functions and procedures
  • Handling errors in macros

Excel object model

  • Basic characteristics of objects
  • Properties, methods and events
  • Object browser
  • Collections

Range object

  • Working with cells
  • Values and formulas

Worksheet object

  • Working with sheets

Workbook object

    Application object

    • Basic features
    • How to change how Excel behaves

    Dialog boxes

    • Designing dialog boxes
    • Programmatic handling
    • Controls

    Implementing new objects using VBA (class module)

    Modifying the Excel work environment

    Programmatic creation of toolbars and working with toolbars

    Creating practically useful macros

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