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Microsoft Excel 2003 for Economists – Workshop

Course participants will spend most of the time trying out examples of the economic functions and calculations in Microsoft Excel 2003. Course participants are expected to have prior knowledge corresponding to the Microsoft Excel 2003 - practical use course. This course contains much more practical application of the subject and you will get more examples to try out.

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Praha3 12 000 CZK included in course price 0
Brno3 10 800 CZK included in course price 0
Bratislava3 375,00 EUR included in course price 0

Who is the course for

This course is assigned for advanced users mainly from economic branch, who work in Excel 2003 and use common tools (filters, basic functions and formulas, table formatting, etc.). We will show you new tools and functions used for different models, outlines and analysis.

What we teach you

You will learn to use tools and functions for effective data analysis, complicated models and outlines output.

Required skills

  • Microsoft Excel - elementary level
  • Microsoft Excel - practical use

    Teaching methods

    Professional lecture with practical demonstrations and examples.

    Teaching materials

    Publications according to an offer of publishing companies.

    Course Outline

    Extension possibilities pivot tables

    • Recapitulation basic procedure
    • Creating anothers subtotals
    • Creation personal computational field, sum
    • Possibilities formatting KT
    • Grouping data in KT
    • Inbuilt summary function for data analysis
    • Pivot graph

    Lookup function - data research

    • MATCH
    • Index
    • CHOOSE

    Conditional formatting data

    • With reference to values
    • With reference to issue formula

    Possibilities verifacation enter data - limitation data input

    • To values
    • Longitude set text
    • On integer
    • Date in interval


    • Monitoring process - completion trend to the graph, predicate future state, comparison different trend
    • Mistake abscissae - collation plan-reality
    • extirpation course running average

    Basic statistical function for calculation judgment


    Production variant tables - scenarios

    • Creation scenario
    • Exit from scenario - total news
    • Work manager scenario

    Back solvate

    Nesting controls on leaf

    • List box, Combo box
    • Check box
    • Option button
    • Counter

    Generating group and outline

    • Auto outline
    • Group and ungroup

    Possibilities unloaded text file to the Excel

    • Opening text file
    • Import text file
    • Analysis text to the column

    One generic function exemplary

    • IF, next logical function - AND, OR
    • VALUE - transmission text on issue
    • SUMIF, COUNTIF - contingent calculation
    • function supplying average - MOOD, MEDIAN
    • basic date-stamp function - today, DAY, MONTH, YEAR
    • date-stamp function for work with weekdays - NETWORKDAYS, WORKDAY
    • choice text function - PART, CLEAR

    Finance functions exemplary

    • Function counting with annuity
    • Function cash flow - time-sharing, one-shot cash flow

    Complex example - analysis pay-roll

    • Formatting tables
    • Completion simple calculated field - averages, contingent calculation by the help of function when
    • Production totality
    • Creation and formatting kontingencni tables, graph
    • Creation personal computational field
  • Příručka MS Excel pro ekonomy [Cz/Cz]

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    Příručka MS Excel pro ekonomy [Cz/En]

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