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Microsoft .NET – Remoting in Practice

The course is intended for developers who want to learn about creating objects in a server application domain and about their use and programming by the client.

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Praha3 13 800 CZK included in course price 30
Brno3 13 800 CZK included in course price 30
Bratislava3 480,00 EUR included in course price 30

User intensity level

Who is the course for

The course is intended for experienced developers.

What we teach you

  • Remoting architecture
  • Managing remote objects
  • Remoting configuration
  • Hosting remote objects
  • Asynchronous remoting
  • Formatters and channels
  • Required skills

    The course follows on from courses with similar content: MOC2415 - Programming Microsoft .NET Framework (MS Visual Basic .NET) and MOC2349 - Programming Microsoft .NET Framework (MS Visual C# .NET), but these courses are not mandatory. The prerequisite knowledge is course level MOC2373 - Introduction to programming in Visual Basic .NET or MOC2124 - Programming in C# .NET.

    Teaching methods

    Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

    Teaching materials

    Material published by Gopas a.s.

    Course Outline

    Introducing to .NET Remoting

    • Architecture of .NET Remoting
    • .NET Remoting objects
    • Direct Remoting
    • Creating Remote Server and Client

    .NET Remoting objects

    • Lifetime of .NET Remoting objects
    • Objects Controlling
    • Sponsoring

    Configuration of .NET Remoting

    • Programmatic Configuration
    • Administrative Configuration

    Hosting Remote objects

    • Hosting on stand-alone server
    • Hosting Windows service
    • Hosting IIS

    Asynchronous .NET Remoting

    • Introduction to Asynchronous .NET Remoting
    • Synchronizing techniques

    Formatters and channels

    • Introduction to Formatters and channels
    • Modification of transport layer
    • Channel sink
    • Formatter sink technology
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