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Installation and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

This two-day course is designed for students who are preparing to complete the installation and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The course primarily provides explanation of the databases and servers associated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, client hardware and software requirements, and various database administrative tasks.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

This course is intended for Microsoft Dynamics Partner professionals and Consultants who are responsible for the installation and configuration of a customer’s hardware and software environment.

Teaching methods

Instructor-Led Training (lecture and labs)

Teaching materials

MOC8870 Student Courseware

Course Outline

Module 1: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Architecture

This chapter focuses on the two server options. It describes the important differences between the two options and explains the various layers of security that exist in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how they work.Lessons

  • The Microsoft Dynamics NAV client/server wnvironment
  • The server options
  • The Microsoft Dynamics NAV security model

Module 2: Hardware and Software Requirements

Before you begin installing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you need to consider the network, database, and server needs and clarify any questions with your customer. This chapter leads you through the database, server, and client installation decisions necessary for a successful implementation.


  • Choosing the Installation Type and Equipment Useful controls
  • Hardware and software requirements creating buttons
  • 2-Tier and n-Tier solutions

Module 3: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client Installation

This chapter focuses on how to install, maintain, and remove Microsoft Dynamics NAV single-users and clients. This chapter also describes the basic operations involved in working with a database, and license information.


  • Installing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client
  • Classic Client configuration

Module 4: Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard Database Server

This chapter discusses the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database server. You are shown how to run more than one server. The chapter reviews system setup options and some basic operations involved in working with a database.


  • Installing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server
  • Importing a database into Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server
  • Standard Database Server setup properties
  • Standard Database Server Manager
  • Working with databases

Module 5: Microsoft Dynamics NAV SQL Server 2005 Option

This chapter describes how to install Microsoft SQL Server. You are shown how to customize the system defaults according to customer requirements. The chapter discusses license files and security and user setup options.


  • SQL Server option properties
  • Database administration
  • Using the database
  • Security and user setup

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