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Implementing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004

This instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage ISA Server 2004 as part of a larger security infrastructure. The course introduces security concepts unique to ISA Server 2004 and provides best practices for their implementation.

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Praha5 19 000 CZK included in course price 50
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User intensity level

Who is the course for

The audience will be IT Professionals who are responsible for implementing network and perimeter security measures, including Internet firewalls, application layer filters, and screened networks. They will also implement caching servers and additional mechanisms to protect public-facing Web servers. These individuals will have a need to simplify ongoing management, reduce support costs and prevent security breaches.

What we teach you

  • Install ISA Server
  • Configure ISA Server
  • Manage ISA Server
  • Troubleshoot ISA Server Configuration and Performance
  • Configure Caching to Improve Performance
  • Plan Access for Remote Clients and Networks
  • Configure Access for Remote Clients and Networks
  • Manage Remote Clients and Networks
  • Plan for Firewall deployment
  • Configure the Firewall
  • Plan Access to Internal Resources
  • Configure Access to Internal Resources
  • Configure Monitoring and Reporting
  • Monitor ISA Server
  • Plan and Configure Application Layer Filtering
  • Integrate ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server

    Required skills

  • Successful completion of Course 2152: Implementing Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional and Server, or equivalent knowledge of Windows 2000 Server
  • Successful completion of Course 2153: Implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure, or equivalent knowledge Or
  • Successful completion of Course 2273: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 Environment, or equivalent knowledge of Windows Server 2003 operating system and network concepts And
  • Successful completion of Course 2810: Fundamentals of Network Security, or equivalent knowledge.

    Teaching methods

    Instructor-led classroom training with self-paced practical exercises in virtual environment

    Teaching materials

    The student kit includes a comprehensive workbook and other necessary materials for this class.

    Course Outline

    Module 1: Overview of Microsoft ISA Server 2004
  • Introducing ISA Server 2004
  • ISA Server and Network Security
  • Deployment Scenarios for ISA Server 2004
  • Designing an ISA Deployment for Contoso Pharmaceuticals
  • Designing an ISA Deployment for Blue Yonder Airlines
  • Describe the features and functionality in ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.
  • Describe how to integrate ISA Server 2004 with a defense-in-depth security strategy.
  • List common deployment scenarios for ISA Server.

    Module 2: Installing and Maintaining ISA Server 2004

  • Installing ISA Server 2004
  • Choosing ISA Server Clients
  • Installing and Configuring ISA Server Clients
  • Advanced Firewall Client Configuration
  • Securing ISA Server 2004
  • Maintaining ISA Server
  • Performing an Unattended Installation of ISA Server 2004
  • Migrating an ISA Server Configuration
  • Securing ISA Server 2004
  • Install ISA Server 2004.
  • Install and configure ISA Server 2004 clients.
  • Secure the ISA Server.
  • Maintain ISA Server.

    Module 3: Enabling Access to Internet Resources

  • Enabling Access to Internet Resources
  • ISA Server 2004 as a Proxy Server
  • Configuring Multi-Networking on ISA Server 2004
  • Configuring Access Rule Elements
  • Configuring Access Rules for Internet Access
  • Configuring ISA Server Access Rule Elements
  • Configuring ISA Server Access Rules
  • Testing ISA Server Access Rules
  • Describe access to Internet resources and how ISA Server 2004 enables access.
  • Describe how ISA Server 2004 works as a proxy server.
  • Configure multiple networks on ISA Server.
  • Configure access rule elements.
  • Configure ISA Server to provide access to Internet resources.

    Module 4: Configuring ISA Server as a Firewall

  • Using ISA Server 2004 as a Firewall
  • Examining Perimeter Networks and Templates
  • Configuring System Policies
  • Configuring Intrusion Detection and IP Preferences
  • Restoring Firewall Access Rules
  • Modifying the ISA Server System Policy
  • Testing the Access Rights and System Policy Modifications
  • Describe the core functionality provided by firewalls and how this functionality is implemented in ISA Server 2004.
  • Describe the different types of perimeter network types and use ISA Server network templates to deploy perimeter networks.
  • Configure system policies.
  • Configure intrusion detection and IP preferences on ISA Server 2004.

    Module 5: Configuring Access to Internal Resources

  • Introduction to Publishing
  • Configuring Web Publishing
  • Configuring Secure Web Publishing
  • Configuring Server Publishing
  • Configuring ISA Server Authentication
  • Configuring Publishing for Additional Services
  • Configuring ISA Server Security Configuration
  • Configuring a Windows Media Services Server Publishing Rule
  • Testing the ISA Server Configuration
  • Describe how ISA Server 2004 can be used to configure access to internal resources.
  • Configure Web publishing.
  • Configure secure Web publishing.
  • Configure server publishing.
  • Configure ISA Server authentication.
  • Configure publishing for additional services.

    Module 6: Integrating ISA Server 2004 and Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Issues in E-Mail Security
  • Configuring ISA Server to Secure SMTP Traffic
  • Configuring ISA to Secure Client Connections
  • Configuring ISA Server to Secure Web Client Connections
  • Configuring ISA Server for RPC over HTTP
  • Configuring a Forms-Based Authentication for Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access
  • Describe the issues in e-mail security.
  • Configure ISA Server to secure Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP) traffic.
  • Configure ISA Server to secure client connections.
  • Configure ISA Server to secure Web client connections.

    Module 7: Advanced Application and Web Filtering

  • Overview of Advanced Application and Web Filtering
  • Configuring HTTP Filtering
  • Configuring Application and Web Filters
  • Identifying an Applica
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