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Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Network Services

This five-day, instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement, manage, and maintain a Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 network infrastructure. The course is intended for systems administrator and systems engineer candidates who are responsible for implementing, managing, and maintaining server networking technologies. These tasks include implementing routing; implementing, managing, and maintaining Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS), and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS); securing Internet Protocol (IP) traffic with Internet Protocol security (IPSec) and certificates; implementing a network access infrastructure by configuring the connections for remote access clients; and managing and monitoring network access.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

This course is intended for individuals who are employed as or seeking employment as a systems administrator or systems engineer.

What we teach you

  • Configure routing by using the Routing and Remote Access service.
  • Allocate IP addressing by using DHCP.
  • Manage and monitor DHCP.
  • Resolve names.
  • Resolve host names by using DNS.
  • Manage and monitor DNS.
  • Resolve network basic input/output system (NetBIOS) names by using WINS.
  • Secure network traffic by using IPSec and certificates.
  • Configure network access.
  • Manage and monitor network access.

    Required skills

    Course 2276: Implementing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Network Hosts, or have equivalent knowledge and skills.

    Teaching methods

    Instructor-led classroom training with self-paced practical exercises in virtual environment

    Teaching materials

    The student kit includes a comprehensive workbook and other necessary materials for this class.

    Course Outline

    Module 1: Configuring Routing by Using Routing and Remote Access
  • Multimedia: The Role of Routing in the Network Infrastructure
  • Enabling and Configuring the Routing and Remote Access Service
  • Configuring Packet Filters
  • Identifying and Resolving Common Issues When Configuring Routing and Packet Filters
  • Describe the role of routing in the network infrastructure.
  • Enable and configure the Routing and Remote Access service.
  • Configure packet filters.

    Module 2: Allocating IP Addressing by Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Multimedia: The Role of DHCP in the Network Infrastructure
  • Adding and Authorizing a DHCP Server Service
  • Configuring a DHCP Scope
  • Configuring a DHCP Reservation
  • Configuring DHCP Options
  • Configuring a DHCP Relay Agent
  • Identifying and Resolving Common Issues When Allocating IP Addressing by Using DHCP
  • Describe the role of DHCP in the network infrastructure.
  • Add and authorize a DHCP Server service.
  • Configure a DHCP scope.
  • Configure DHCP options.
  • Configure a DHCP reservation.
  • Configure a DHCP relay agent.

    Module 3: Managing and Monitoring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Managing a DHCP Database
  • Monitoring DHCP
  • Applying Security Guidelines for DHCP
  • Managing and Monitoring DHCP
  • Manage a DHCP database.
  • Monitor DHCP.
  • Apply security guidelines for DHCP.

    Module 4: Resolving Names

  • Multimedia: Introduction to the Name Resolution Process
  • Viewing Names on a Client
  • Configuring Host Name Resolution
  • Configuring NetBIOS Name Resolution
  • Resolving Names
  • Describe the name resolution process.
  • View names on a client.
  • Configure host name resolution.
  • Configure NetBIOS name resolution.

    Module 5: Resolving Host Names by Using Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Multimedia: The Role of DNS in the Network Infrastructure
  • Installing the DNS Server Service
  • Configuring the Properties for the DNS Server Service
  • Configuring the DNS Zones
  • Configuring DNS Zone Transfers
  • Configuring DNS Dynamic Updates
  • Configuring a DNS Client
  • Delegating Authority for Zones
  • Configuring an Alias Resource Record
  • Configuring a Secondary Forward Lookup Zone
  • Describe the role of DNS in the network infrastructure.
  • Install the DNS Server service.
  • Configure the properties for the DNS Server service.
  • Configure the DNS zones.
  • Configure DNS zone transfers.
  • Configure dynamic updates.
  • Configure a DNS client.
  • Delegate authority for zones.

    Module 6: Managing and Monitoring Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Configuring the Time-to-Live Value
  • Configuring Aging and Scavenging
  • Integrating DNS and WINS
  • Testing the DNS Server Configuration
  • Verifying that a Resource Record Exists by Using Nslookup, DNSCmd, and DNSLint
  • Monitoring DNS Server Performance
  • Verifying a Record Using NSlookup
  • Configuring and Viewing DNS Debug Logging
  • Configure the Time-to-Live (TTL) value.
  • Configure aging and scavenging.
  • Integrate DNS with WINS.
  • Test the DNS server configuration.
  • Verify that a resource record exists by using the Nslookup, DNSCmd, and DNSLint command-line utilities.
  • Monitor DNS server performance.

    Module 7: Resolving NetBIOS Names by Using Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)

  • Multimedia: The Role of WINS in the Network Infrastructure
  • Installing and Configuring a WINS Server
  • Managing Records in WINS
  • Configuring WINS Replication
  • Managing the WINS database
  • Resolving WINS Server Configuration Issues
  • Describe the role of WINS in the network infrastructure.
  • Install and configure a WINS server.
  • Configure WINS replication.
  • Manage records in WINS.
  • Manage a WINS database.

    Module 8: Securing Network Traffic by Using IPSec and Certificates

  • Implementing IPSec
  • Implementing IPSec with Certificates
  • Monitoring IPSec
  • Implement IPSec.
  • Implement IPSec with c
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