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Enterprise application development for Windows 10

The course is designed for .NET developers who are tasked to develop internal application for Windows 10, whether it is a mobile client information system or an application for field data collection, both for use on a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This course is intended for developers who already manage the basic techniques of development of universal applications for Windows 10 the extent of course GOC4161 Developing universal applications for Windows 10 and offers a completely unique complete package of specific information, which you can use just the development of enterprise applications.

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User intensity level

What we teach you:

  • You will learn to design a user interface with a view to effectively work with data
  • You'll learn how linking an application with your backend server
  • Try to implement applications for field data collection, including work with local relational databases and devices connected to sensors
  • Understand what are the options to print from your application
  • We'll show how extensive application decomposed into a set of smaller interconnected applications
  • Become acquainted with the extended rights of internal applications
  • You'll gain internal distribution applications

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of C # or VB.NET and Visual Studio (the course will be conducted in the language C #)
  • Knowledge of the development of universal Windows 10 applications, the extent of course GOC4161 Development Universal applications for Windows 10

Teaching methods:

  • Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials:

  • Powerpoint handouts and module printouts.

Course syllabus:

Repetition of the development of universal applications for Windows 10

  • Summary of the basic principles of application development
  • Key points to design a user interface
  • Basics implementation of the user interface
  • Reps work with data and MVVM design pattern

User interface for efficient data handling

  • User interface design of your business applications
  • Effective work with long lists of items including implementation of sorting and filtering
  • Editing and validation of data
  • Implementation of the search data in the application

Linking Application Server

  • Performance connectivity options, the application server
  • Example of use of web services for data editing

Implementation of applications for field data collection

  • Working with local relational databases and to work offline
  • Extending collected data on data from the sensors and camera
  • The possibility of linking applications to other devices

Printing from applications

  • Familiarization with print options in your application
  • Examples of the print report and implementation of print

Decomposition of applications into a set of connected applications

  • Acquaintance with the possibilities of interconnection applications, including the use of application services

Security Applications

  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Verifying access to the internal network

Extended powers enterprise applications

  • We get acquainted with extended rights of business applications

Internal distribution applications

  • Acquaintance with techniques for application distribution within the company

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