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Designing a High Availability Messaging Solution Using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

This 2-day course teaches messaging engineers to design a high availability messaging solution using Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007. Students will create a high availability design to meet service level agreement requirements and learn strategies for gaining approval for the design. They will learn how to identify risks and create mitigation plans to maintain the business continuity of the messaging system. Students will also learn how to design a backup strategy, disaster recovery procedures, and test plans for those procedures.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

The course is inteded for experienced Microsoft Exchange 2007 administrators who would like to improve their knowledge in the field of planning the deployment of the high available email services.

What we teach you

  • Describe foundational high availability concepts for messaging.
  • Evaluate high availability messaging technologies for Exchange Server 2007
  • Create a high availability messaging strategy.
  • Design the messaging portion of a business continuity plan.
  • Design backup for a high availability messaging environment.
  • Ensure recovery readiness of a high availability messaging environment.

    Required skills

  • Good experience with administration of Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server
  • Good understanding of the Active Directory functionality principles
  • Good understanding of how TCP/IP and related technologies work

    Teaching methods

    Instructor-led classroom training with self-paced practical exercises in virtual environment

    Teaching materials

    Microsoft official training student kits (book, CDs)

    Course Outline

  • Foundational High Availability Concepts for Messaging
  • Configuring LCR
  • Configuring CCR
  • Evaluating High Availability Technologies for Exchange Server 2007
  • Designing a High Availability Strategy for Mailbox Servers
  • Designing a High Availability Solution for Non-Mailbox Servers
  • Creating a High Availability Messaging Strategy
  • Identifying Risks to a Messaging Environment
  • Designing the Messaging Portion of a Business Continuity Plan
  • Identifying Backup Requirements
  • Designing Backup for a High Availability Messaging Environment
  • Ensuring Recovery Readiness of a High Availability Messaging Environment
  • Defining Recovery Procedures
  • Evaluating Disaster Recovery Readiness
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