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C/SIDE Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

This 5-day course is programming intensive. Knowledge from the Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 course is vital to the understanding of the concepts and for participation in this course. In this course you’ll learn programming documentation, debugging tools, performance issues, complex data variables and their internal member functions, multi-language functionality, analysis of objects, posting routines, interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, and some Microsoft SQL Server 2005 issues.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

This training material is intended for Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner employees who sell and implement Microsoft Navision solutions. The curriculum is designed for participants who have completed the Microsoft Navision Development I course and passed the Navision Programming certification exam.

Teaching methods

Instructor-Led Training (lecture and labs)

Teaching materials

MOC8873 Student Courseware

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to C/SIDE Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

Module 2: Client Requirements

  • Diagnosis - Executive Summary
  • Analysis - Functional Requirements
  • Data Models
  • Project Plans

Module 3: Master Tables and Forms

  • A Quick Refresher
  • Customers and Participants
  • Rooms
  • Testing

Module 4: Tables

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Types of Tables
  • Additional Functions
  • Solution Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Testing Seminar Registrations

Module 5: Introduction to C/AL Programming

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Posting Seminar Registrations

Module 6: Integration

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Seminar Feature Integration
  • Navigation Integration
  • Testing Managing Integration

Module 7: Reporting

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Reporting Lab Overview
  • Participant List Reporting
  • Certificate Confirmation
  • Invoice Posting

Module 8: Statistics

  • Using FlowFilters and FlowFields
  • Using FlowFilters in Calculation Formulas

Module 9: Dimensions

  • Dimension Types
  • Code Walkthrough - Dimension Management Codeunit
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer's Toolkit
  • Dimensions in Master Tables, Forms, and CodeUnits
  • Dimensions in Registration
  • Dimensions in Seminar Posting
  • Dimensions in Invoicing
  • Testing

Module 10: Interfaces

  • Using an Automation Server
  • Using Custom (or OCX) Controls
  • XMLPort Triggers
  • File Handling
  • E-mail Confirmation
  • XML Participant List

Module 11: Deployment

  • Deployment Tasks
  • Ongoing Support Phase

Module 12: Optimizing SQL Server

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server
  • SQL Server
  • Representation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tables and Indexes in SQL Server
  • Collation Options
  • Windows Locale
  • Collation Description
  • SQL Server Replication
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Replication
  • Backup Options
  • SQL Server Query Optimizer
  • Optimizing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application
  • Overview of NDBCS
  • Optimization of Cursors
  • Locking, Blocking, and Deadlocks
  • How SIFT Data is Stored in SQL Server

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