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Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures

Participants will design the presentation, business and data layers of a business solution, based on business requirements, vision, and scope statements.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

  • Experienced developers moving into a role that requires the skills to bridge business and technology environments.
  • Experienced developers, including those with the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) credential, pursuing the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) credential.

    What we teach you

  • Gather and analyze information for designing a business solution.
  • Create a vision/scope document.
  • Create the conceptual design for a business solution.
  • Create the logical design for a business solution.
  • Create the physical design for a business solution.
  • Design the presentation layer of an application.
  • Design the data layer of an application.
  • Create a functional specifications document.
  • Create a technical specifications document.
  • Create a security plan.
  • Create a test plan.
  • Create a deployment plan.

    Required skills

  • A general understanding of the software development life cycle.
  • Practical working knowledge of .NET development technologies.
  • Familiarity with the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Process Model.
  • Basic familiarity with object modeling and data modeling methodologies.
  • Experience working with Microsoft Visio® Professional 2000.
  • One year experience as part of a software development team.

    Teaching methods

    Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

    Teaching materials

    The student kit includes a comprehensive workbook and other necessary materials for this class.

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Designing Business Solutions

    • Overview of Microsoft Solutions Framework
    • Phases in the MSF Process Model
    • Introducing the Case Study-Adventure Works Cycles Application

    Gathering and Analyzing Information

    • Using Modeling Notations
    • Creating Use Cases and Usage Scenarios
    • Gathering Information
    • Analyzing Information

    Envisioning the Solution

    • The Envisioning Phase
    • Creating a Vision/Scope Document
    • Creating the Project Structure Document
    • Analyzing Risks

    Creating the Conceptual Design

    • An Introduction to the Planning Phase
    • An Overview of the Functional Specification
    • An Overview of the Conceptual Design Process
    • Building the Conceptual Design
    • Optimizing the Conceptual Design

    Creating the Logical Design

    • An Overview of Logical Design
    • Creating a Logical Design
    • Documenting Logical Design Output
    • Optimizing Logical Design

    Creating the Physical Design

    • An Overview of Physical Design
    • Physical Design Analysis
    • Physical Design Rationalization
    • Physical Design Implementation

    Designing the Presentation Layer

    • Basics of User Interface Design
    • Designing the User Interface
    • Designing User Process Components

    Designing the Data Layer

    • Designing the Data Store
    • Optimizing Data Access
    • Implementing Data Validation

    Designing Security Specifications

    • Overview of Security in Application Development
    • Planning for Application Security
    • Using the .NET Framework Security Features
    • Designing Authorization, Authentication, and Auditing Strategies

    Completing the Planning Phase

    • Incorporating Design Considerations
    • Planning for Administrative Features
    • Planning for Future Phases
    • Creating the Technical Specifications

    Stabilizing and Deploying the Solution

    • The MSF Stabilizing Phase
    • Testing and Piloting for Stabilization
    • The MSF Deploying Phase
    • Deploying to a Production Environment
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