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ASP.NET 4.5 – Server Controls, Localization and LINQ

The course is designed for ASP.NET programmers who want to learn about the latest development which .NET Framework 3.5 brought and which are also valid for existing 4.5 version. We will teach you to use new attributes of the language, such as extension methods, partial methods, anonymous types and much more of syntactic sugar. All of these things were added to .NET Framework because of LINQ technology - Language Integrated Query which you will learn to use. LINQ-to-SQL is a simple O/R mapper which has nothing in common with LINQ, nevertheless you will have fun with it. You will learn how to create data models in it and how to work with them.

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What we teach you

We will teach you to use new attributes of language such as extension methods, partial methods, anonymous types and much more of syntactic sugar.

Required skills

Experience with programming of web applications encompasses GOC331 course.

Teaching methods

Instructor-led classroom training with practical examples, hands-on lab.

Teaching materials

Exercise book, slide shows.

Course outline


 Microsoft .NET Framework

What is „.NET“ and what is „Framework“
Version 2.O - 4.5 SP1 and the relation between them
Future prospects - what we know and what we cannot even think about

Latest developments in C# 3.5  language

Extension Methods
Partial Methods
Automatic Properties
Implicitly Typed Variables
Object Initializers
Anonymous Types
Lambda Expressions

LINQ – Language Integrated Query

Chaining or methods vs. pseudo-SQL syntax
Queries using LINQ, accessible operators


Creation of data model
Conducting the basic operations
Calling saved procedures and functions
Extension of LINQ-to-SQL

Server controls in ASP.NET 3.5

ListView - forget all other elements for data binding
DataPager - effortless and accessible paging finally

Localization and globalization of applications in ASP.NET

Accessible techniques - do not invent the bike when you do not have to
Work with various data, time and numbers formats
Formatting chains and IFormattable interface
Resource files, multilanguage applications and their writing (almost) effortless


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