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A Breath of Fresh Air in Microsoft Office 2007

Discover new ways of effectively working - A Fresh Breeze will take you to the world of Microsoft Office 2007, to the world of intuitive users’ interface, new tools and functions which make working with, and creating documents, easier. Fulfil your dreams of a world where Microsoft Office 2007 applications will greatly improve your work rate. Take a fresh look at old ways of working.

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Required skills

Concise knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Gopas company course handbook, according to the course curriculum.

Course Outline

We explain the new elements to MS Office 2007 and show how the user’s interface creates professional looking documents more easily - or, how it works!

Create professional looking documents easily and quickly in MS Office Word 2007 and protect company documents.

Learn with us how to:

  • Save time by learning the rich variety of applications in Word 2007 for creating documents using style galleries, redefining styles, table formatting, list creation, and graphic tools. Thanks to Dynamic View, you can see active format changes even before they are realised.
  • With the aid of pre-set Quick Styles and Document Motifs you can quickly alter the overall appearance of text, tables and whole graphic documents.
  • Create effective visual diagrams, including 3D, shaded and translucent characters, and other effects.
  • Effectively compare different versions of documents.
  • Prevent unintended leakage of personal and private data with the help of Metadata Control tools.
  • Ensure the integrity and validity of documents by the use of Digital Signatures
  • Transfer Word 2007 documents to PDF or XPS formats.
  • Prevent changes to final versions of documents and stop unintentional changes by readers and reviewers.

Effectively learn the new user’s interface for MS Office Excel 2007, a result-orientated application which offers effective tools and functions for analysing, summarising, sharing and administering data.

Learn how to:

  • Use pre-set motifs and styles for formatting data and objects in a list and use these motifs in other applications of the Office 2007 set, such as PowerPoint 2007 or Word 2007
  • Use the many possibilities of rich formatting to create visual notes for data, either for presentation or analytical purposes, follow important trends, and set multiple rules for multi-formatting using different varieties of visual formatting including transitional colours, data lines and icon sets.
  • Make formula creation easier using interchangeable formula sizing, automatic formula completion and structured references.
  • Better use data listing and filtering using colours and 64 levels.
  • Share attractive-looking graphs with Word 2007 and PowerPoint 2007
  • With the new user’s interface for contingency tables, achieve access to data and information as needed, viewed with a few mouse clicks.
  • Transfer Excel 2007 documents into PDF or XPS formats.

Administration of email messages, time and information using new tools in Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Learn how to:

  • Search quickly for information in Outlook 2007 without needing to know where the information is stored
  • Easily use colour to visualise, categorise and alter items in Outlook 2007
  • View email attachments with one mouse-click
  • Effectively arrange tasks, email flags, meeting reminders and calendar information in a common task panel
  • Use integrated support for receiving RSS information messages in pre-set formats, e.g. from newspaper headlines or personal web diaries
  • Share calendars using email messages
  • Effectively administer and view events and tasks.

Creating and formatting of professional-looking and effective presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Learn how to:

  • Use pre-set motifs, spreads, fast styles and the many possibilities for presentation formatting
  • Create your own templates with icons using pictures to exactly place the presentation content to the best effect
  • Easily and quickly create great-looking SmartA diagrams

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